Hosted by New Destiny Christian Fellowship
August 13-15, 2009 


Over sixty believers from twenty-one different churches, both evangelical as well as charismatic, filled the meeting room of Eddie & Alice Smith’s US Prayer Center for the Basic Training. Our host was Pastor Robert Smith and his wife Missy of New Destiny Christian Fellowship. We received some very encouraging comments from some of the brethren, even from one maidservant of God who had been trained under a well-known ministry based in the Houston area. What was taught in the Basic Training was a revelation to her.

The participants were taught how to heal the sick and cast out demons as Jesus taught and commanded his disciples in Scripture.

One brother, who attends a charismatic church, had been brought to the Training by a family member. He shared with us the following. When he considers attending some special Christian event, he will wonder to himself: “what does this minister want from me?” Apparently he has been exposed to many ministers who place heavy emphasis on giving and receiving offerings in their meetings. But at the Basic Training last weekend he found that the emphasis was very different. We are thankful to the Lord for the grace that He has given us.

During the meetings the Lord healed people from various infirmities as the disciples laid hands on them and exercised their authority. One woman had brought her mother to the Thursday session. The mother was wearing a brace of some sort and could barely walk. By the time the sisters finished ministering to her, the brace was off, she was walking around normally without pain, and she was beaming.

These saints are now ready for war.


“I did want to share a testimony that happened Saturday morning. Not until today did I really notice—I am free of allergies! My throat was itching non-stop every day. (I don’t take allergy pills, I just live with it.) However, you specifically rebuked and commanded allergies to go in Jesus’ name. I was laying hands on a girl but I was delivered! Right away I felt the itching stop in my throat. But I didn’t want to say anything because I wanted to make sure it was going to be for real. Praise the Lord. He can do anything. And He gives us authority in His name to do the same and even greater works than He did. I pray I hear His voice when He wants me to be obedient.

God bless and may His Kingdom be super-advanced because people like you are BOLD and going out there and equipping us! We love YOU ABBA FATHER!”

– Sister Rene

“A new associate of mine recently set up a meeting with a couple from his church. They needed help with their finances. During the meeting I discovered that the husband was not working because of an injury to his back. He had fallen out of a tree several months ago and still had a great deal of pain in his back. In addition, he could not sleep on his back – consequently he was not getting needed rest.

Now remember, this was the first time I had met this couple and they could possibly become a new client. Do I pray for him or not? You can imagine the thoughts going through my mind – “They will think I’m crazy – and not become a client.” “What will the associate I’m training think?” etc. As we were leaving, I got up enough courage to ask if he would let me pray for his back. He gladly agreed, telling me he gets in the prayer line at church all the time for healing. All of us got in the van and I shared how Jesus never prayed for anyone to be healed – that He commanded them to be healed. I began commanding his back to be healed and the pain to go. I asked if he felt any different. He started moving his neck from side to side easily and stated he had felt warmth in his back. There was no discomfort!! Praise God!! The true test will be when he goes to sleep. Will he be able to lie flat on his back? I’m waiting to hear if that happened. Will keep you posted.”

– Bob

“We went out to a “not so poor, but not so rich” lower-middle-class neighborhood to preach the gospel. The people were very receptive. We split up into two groups of four (there were eight of us). And we went ahead. With my group, the very first person who we spoke with was RIPE and ready for the harvest! We barely even had to do anything. We just told him we were in the neighborhood sharing the love of God and praying for people’s needs, and he opened up. We prayed for his mother who was on drugs and then he said he didn’t have a serious relationship with the Lord, neither had he repented from his sins. So we all counseled him and prayed with him, and he was saved! Hallelujah!

At the next house we went to, there was an elderly woman who could barely speak English. My sister and another friend who spoke a little bit of Spanish told her why we were there and asked if she needed prayer for anything. She then exclaimed that a nerve in her leg, from her hip all the way down to her ankles, had been bothering her. We, immediately with excitement, began to rebuke the sickness and pain and had her test it out. She said it was a little better……so we prayed over her again. After the second time she was completely healed! We were able to pray for a number of people and share the gospel with them. There was one more person who received salvation, and then I believe one more miracle was performed (with the other group)—another leg problem. It was a great experience! Thank you so much for your teachings AGAIN!

We will do this again very soon. Hopefully in a more poor and disease-infested neighborhood.

– Ossy