27 August 2009

Reports from Albert Kang

It was raining dogs and cats when my wife, Grace and I picked Grace’s colleague, Malathy, before arriving at the home of an elderly couple, living in Petaling Jaya. Two weeks ago, the 82 year-old woman had taken a tough fall and hurt her left leg. Since then, she was in pain and had become bed-ridden. Her 84 year-old husband was too weak to help her. Malathy had bought the house next door and upon learning about this couple’s situation, had been coming over to help. The pitiable sight of these two elderly people, struggling to care and comfort each other, with their limited physical capacity, is most heart-rending. The elderly lady whom we addressed as “Auntie” was full of gratitude and kept thanking us for visiting. She had not been cleaned or bathed for a couple of days and so Grace and Malathy carried her to the shower. Meanwhile, I shared the Gospel with “Uncle” who conversed well in perfect English. He was also weak and needed help. I laid hands on him and took authority over his weakness. After that, he said that he felt a difference in his body and apparently strength had returned.

After bathing Auntie, Grace and Malathy had placed the elderly lady on the potty and for almost half-an-hour, we waited for her finish her toilet function. Auntie was very apologetic and kept saying that her bowel movement was very “naughty” because it refused to function accordingly. Finally, Auntie was ready to rest in bed. As her leg was in pain, the Grace and Malathy took great care in dressing and carrying Auntie to the bed. With those sad eyes but a sweet smile, Auntie repeatedly thanked them. We were beginning to feel embarrassed by such kind and appreciative words. I then asked if her leg was still hurting badly and she answered in affirmation. My heart ached within. The next best thing to do was to heal her pain in the name of Jesus. Grace and I laid hands on her left leg and began to take authority over the pain. Three times, we did that and her pain left her completely.

Our friend, Malathy, who is from another religion, was amazed at Auntie’s ability to move her “painful” leg. She said that the few times that she came to help Auntie, she was not able to lift Auntie’s leg… but now, we were bending her knee and moving her left leg. Auntie, on the other hand, was elated. She said that she had no more pain except for some muscular discomfort. In her own inimitable style, she thanked us profusely. We then directed her to thank Jesus and with uplifted hands, she gave thanks to the Lord! Even as we left the house, Auntie was thanking the Lord and telling us to drive carefully home. What a night of divine intervention! It was not just the miracle of the physical body that thrilled us but witnessing how the love of Jesus Christ, touched the lives of this long-journeyed couple and all of us.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia