31st August 2008
Sunday’s Celebration Service

Reports from Albert Kang

Good Tidings Assembly has 200 plus members who attend the English and Chinese services. In about ten years, Rev. Sean Prasad, the Senior Pastor, led the church to establish preaching points, branch churches and ministries to the poor and disadvantaged. I was glad to meet him again as we had met some 18 years ago.

The service began with a time of joyous spiritual worship led by Pastor Anthony. The sanctuary, which was on the third level of a shop house, was soon saturated by the presence of God. This service was a very prayerful one – before the sermon, there were different church leaders, including the Senior Pastor, offering various prayers to God. My wife, Grace, presented a solo number to the Lord. After that I preached from John 14:12, on how all Born-again believers should use their faith and do greater things for the kingdom of God.

At the end of the sermon, I led the people in a prayer of repentance. Then I invited those who had pain and infirmities in their bodies to come forth and be healed. Eleven church members responded and occupied the seats prepared for them at the altar area. Pastor Sean helped to select the leaders and matured believers to assist in laying hands on the infirm. After a brief instruction, these believers were ready to exercise their faith in healing. They began by interviewing the infirm and then laid hands on the affected areas. I had told the congregation that I would not lay hands and so they were on their own. They were not to look for a superstar healer but to exercise their own mountain-moving faith. As they repeated the commands forcefully, miracles began to take place.

What a joy to welcome those who were miraculously healed by the Lord to testify. The first brother testified that the cracked skin on his palms was healed. The cracks were gone and his skin had become smooth. The second to testify was a sister whose knees were giving her problem and then at that instance of taking authority over them, the pain was totally gone. A sister came up and testified that the pain in her abdomen area had left her. The rest reported marked improvement in the condition of their ailments. Instead of leaving at that, I decided that we should command again so that the infirmities would go entirely. Twice, Grace helped me to give the commands for the believers to follow. Brother Charlie Teo, an elder in the church, was the next to be healed. His painful knees were healed before but the pain had returned. This time, after taking authority, the pain left him immediately and he happily testified to the glory of God. An Indian brother had pain in his ankles for about one and a half years. I observed how some church leaders bend down and placed their hands on this man’s ankles. After the fourth command, the Indian brother was completely healed. A sister stepped up to testify that the Lord had just healed her of shoulder pain. A young man rejoiced that even his minor infirmity – a sore throat – was healed. A young girl also testified that her sore throat was healed. Later, while Grace and I were leaving the sanctuary, she ran to us and triumphantly declared that the pain in her throat was really gone. Most of those who had hands being laid on them testified that they felt much better than before the commands to heal. We thanked God that once again He was faithful to empower His people to heal the sick according to His promises made in the Bible.

Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia