Reports from the ministry of Debi Frey

November 2012

“I often (almost daily it seems) step out in faith as God leads, yielding to the authority Jesus gave to us as His disciples to heal the sick and set captives free.  …I am happy to put into practice all that I have learned through you both.

I did want to share a recent story with you of particular interest that happened two weeks ago…

My husband meets with about 14 men each Friday morning at a local health club in the conference room there.  He and I attended your training (he once, and I twice) over the last two years when you came to our city.

An elderly Catholic gentleman began joining this group of believers recently and was greatly encouraged to hear the Word of God in this group.  His knee had much pain for many years, so three weeks ago, he asked my husband and another gentleman in the group to pray over him. The pain left his knee, he was so happy and excited that he called around looking for my husband’s phone number later that week, contacted him and asked if he could come pray for his bedridden elderly wife.  

My husband assured him that he and I would be happy to come minister in Jesus’ Name to her.  We visited his beautiful home, built on stilts and sitting directly over a beautiful river in our town.  We were welcomed into his home and he escorted us into the master bedroom.  His wife was curled up in a fetal position in their bed.  Her husband stated multiple times that “they have tried everything and nothing has worked.”

I asked her some questions about her condition.  In a very weak state, she explained that the pain was so bad she could not get out of bed.  I asked her to tell me the exact location of the pain.  She said her lower back and her left knee.  I read Luke 18:35-43 from the Bible to her and asked her to listen.  Then, I asked her what she wanted Jesus to do for her.  She said in a more earnest voice, “I want Jesus to make this pain go away!”  With her husband, my husband, and a full time caregiver watching, I asked her permission to lay my hands on the affected areas.  She said, “please!”

Then I commanded the pain to leave and commanded with authority that she be restored in Jesus’ Name, proclaiming that the Kingdom of God was near to her.  Immediately, I gave her my hand and said “Get up out of this bed!”  She took my hand and sat up, then stepped out of bed standing fully erect and smiling!  Her husband was smiling and so was the caretaker, and I as well! 

She had a walker nearby and she looked at it saying she needed it.  I said, “you haven’t even tried to walk around the room yet, you don’t know yet that you don’t need it.”  She walked with me around the room while I held her hand to steady her and give her confidence.  I at that point I asked her on a scale of 1 to 10 how her pain level was.  She said “no pain, none, no pain”!  

She said, “thank you for healing me!”  Of course, I immediately reminded her from the Scriptures we had read earlier that it was Jesus who loved her and it was his love and power that healed her. 

This happened two weeks ago and I received word yesterday that she continues to do great and is no longer bedridden! Praise God for He is our Healer; He cares for us.  His suffering on the cross is not wasted when we step out in faith and in the authority He gave us to minister in His powerful Name.”

-Debi Frey, Louisiana
 Frey Consulting Group