“Our Elijah Challenge Pastor Sonu informed us about his mini-Feeding Event in a remote village where around 80 people accepted Christ for the first in their lives.

  • A young woman who while taking her children to the school, tripped and fell down hard on the ground. As a result she would suffer from constant pain in her knee, and so had difficult with her work at home. Praise the Lord the Lord healed her completely after our brother ministered to her in Jesus’ name.
  • A small child was brought to them suffering from a fever and a cough. Even after taking medication he was not healed after a week. Praise the Lord the child was healed at their mini-Feeding Event. The fever left his body.
  • An elderly man was there with difficulty in breathing and hearing. He had been invited by his neighbour who had shared with him that there was going to be a healing programme. He replied that since he was already old he couldn’t be healed—even taking medicine didn’t help him at all.  But his neighbor told him not to worry, but to just come and sit. When the Lord healed him he couldn’t believe that he was healed. He was able to hear again, and he felt very comfortable in his body.”

-Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Odisha/Orissa