Seminary President healed at Ph.D. Dissertation Defense

Dr. Davy Hermanus, Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Indonesia, has received his Ph.D. from Sekolah Tinggi Teologi “Sunergeo” Banten in Indonesia. His dissertation was
“The Importance of the Restoration of the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ for the Proclaiming of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God” (Pentingnya Restorasi Model Pelayanan Kesembuhan Yesus Kristus Bagi Pekabaran Injil Kerajaan Allah).

Davy wrote:

“In my spirit, I believe that the Lord wants me to go in a new direction, concentrating on restoring the healing ministry of Jesus Christ as I argued in my doctoral dissertation. I should give more time to teaching The Elijah Challenge to believers in Indonesia and other countries. I would like set up a Training Center and a House of Restoration. I told my wife and my children that from this month on, everything will change. God is calling me like He called Abraham. Of course like Abraham, I cannot imagine what will happen in the future, but I will move on with full confidence in the Lord as Abraham did.

Regarding my future activities, I am praying that God will open many new doors just as he opened doors in East Malaysia for me. I am looking for partners in every city. I have no doubt now that our teaching is very powerful and can result in breakthrough and great impact for training and moving the army of God in Indonesia. Now is also the time to challenge the youth. They can be powerful instruments of God. It is a good idea to meet Elijah Challenge Asia Coordinator Pastor Albert Kang in Malaysia and discuss with him what we will do this year in Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries in Asia. So I have a plan to visit him in February 2015 in Kuala Lumpur.

Last year I met a couple in Lawas, Malaysia after conducting The Elijah Challenge Training in Hosanna Prayer Mountain. There I met an elderly 90-year-old believer along with his 85-year-old wife. After praying for their children and grandchildren in their home, I prayed over him. I ministered to him for his heart condition, his poor eyesight, a headache and a problem with his foot. After the laying on of hands and the exercise of authority in Jesus’ name, this very elderly gentleman was completely healed. He was able to walk faster and lift heavy objects. He was able to see clearly and could read with no problem. God restored his youth as he promised in Isaiah 40:31!  And then He invited me to come this summer again and to preach in his house of prayer.

Yesterday I preached at a church. There was a boy who had broken his ankle in a soccer game four months earlier. When I touched his foot and commanded the pain to leave in the name of Jesus, he was immediately able to move the foot and to walk. He then invited his friends to play soccer that afternoon! A lady was healed from cancer in her nose; it happened to be right on her birthday. Another lady was healed from a problem with her knees. Before that she could not squat without feeling much pain, but afterwards she was able to squat without any pain. The Lord had healed her. A girl was healed from gastritis. Tears dripped from their eyes as they witnessed God’s love for them as He healed them quickly when the command was given in His name.”