“Depending completely on God” – a NEW perspective on John 5:19


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.“THE SON CAN DO NOTHING OF HIMSELF” – What does this mean?

Do we always need a word of knowledge or “rhema” before we attempt to heal the sick?

NEW perspective for those who want to “depend completely” on God

Clarification: “The only time the Spirit heals or delivers is when it is God’s will”

As Paul warned in Colossians, some today may have “lost connection with the Head”

The work of the Holy Spirit does not negate what Jesus taught his disciples

The Holy Spirit’s coming at Pentecost did not negate what Jesus taught and commanded his disciples. Rather it enabled the disciples to obey his commands more boldly and fruitfully. In Acts after Pentecost when the gifts were made available, we will see later that the disciples continued to heal the sick using authority — as evidence to the Gentiles that Jesus is the Messiah. Therefore what Jesus commanded his disciples in the gospels is still valid today.

Does the Holy Spirit today teach us “new” things which Jesus never taught in the gospels?