Testimonies from Dennis Green


November 2013

“[Several months ago] I was asked to join a prayer team at church to pray over a woman diagnosed with stage 4 or 5 cancer. She had young children and was extremely fearful. I am new to this church so I laid back and waited a while before I ministered to her. First I commanded the fear to go and for her to be filled with peace. Secondly, I knew that cancer cannot tolerate oxygen so I commanded oxygen rich blood to flood the areas where the cancer was. I left and went home as nothing appeared to happen.
The following week her father, an elder in the church, grabbed me and said that when I prayed, his daughter was healed. I replied that there were a number of people praying for her. He said no, his daughter said that when “that voice” (she did not know who I was) prayed about the blood she felt tingling all over her body like her blood was effervescing, Then total peace and joy filled her. That peace has been so powerful that it has lasted for several months while the doctors were giving her little hope. The finger where the cancer started was amputated and this week they removed the lymph nodes in her arm and underarm. Through all this the peace remained.
Our medical system can sometimes require full treatment even if God has healed the person. In this case the doctors found no cancer when they went in, but the surgery did confirm God’s healing. 
The doctor’s original prognosis was that it was stage 4 or 5 cancer and there was little hope. Chemo and radiation were ruled out because the cancer was too advanced. After the Lord touched her, the doctors were surprised that there was no indication of the cancer spreading up the arm, so they suggested the amputation as a possible solution. Tests revealed possible cancer in the lymph nodes. As a precautionary measure they removed them but lab analysis showed no cancer. There was no cancer found in the bone. 
Today she got the report that there was no cancer in the bone or in any of the lymph nodes and the doctors declared she was healed.”