Reports from Jaimie Alonso

“I am in Manila waiting to fly to Indonesia for 4 weeks. We held 3 crusades and training in the jungle with the Blaan Tribe. About 225 were born again and some 50 were healed.

At one of the crusades in the village of Klabalan, I asked for a first “volunteer” to come forward for healing after sharing the Gospel. I was hoping to start with someone with back problems. The folks brought me an unconscious, pregnant lady that “woke up” screaming and salivating.

At first I thought she was having her baby but when I looked at her eyes, she tried to bite me I could see that there was demonic activity. I am not the cleverest evangelist but I knew something was wrong. She was thrashing like a shark for some twenty minutes while drifting in and out of consciousness.

When she finally settled down, I had her walk from one side of the basketball court to the other. She was clinging to me and mocking the Lord in a “worship” sort of fashion. I sat her down on a chair and she continued to mock and salivate. There were over 200 tribal people watching, including the “followers of the prophet” (please understand my meaning) who had threatened us at the start of the meeting.

My trained pastors joined me in this dramatic time of ministry. At last she settled down. Again I walked her to the other side of the basketball court with all the people watching. This time she was very much changed and thanking me for what had happened. Her voice was very sincere and her eyes had returned to normal!

When I gave the altar call, over 130 people ran to the front to become followers of Jesus. A classic Elijah Challenge crusade!”

July 18, 2014