“We received a wonderful report from one of our Elijah Challenge trainers.

A 17-year-old Hindu girl named Laxmi Naik went out with her friends for a picnic in a jungle-like area. During lunch she began to feel nauseous, and when she got back home she was experiencing a very strange sensation. Some unknown force had come upon her and her body felt very heavy. She began to scream with unbearable pain in her stomach.

Laxmi’s mother recognized that she was under demonic attack. She was about to call a nearby sorcerer for help. But Laxmi told her no. She instead wanted a Christian lady she knew to come to pray over her. “I will be healed,” declared Laxmi.

So her mother called a sister in the Lord named Sital and shared with her about Laxmi. Sital immediately went and ministered to her, driving out the spirit in Jesus’ name. Laxmi was instantly set free. The unclean spirit left, and the severe pain in her stomach subsided completely. Praise the Lord.

Laxmi’s family come from a people group called the Sahukar. Their livelihood is selling salt. She and her family believed in Jesus as the only way to the Father, accepting Him as their Messiah. I have not seen any others among the Sahukar who confess Christ.”

Report from The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India