“Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. By the Grace of Almighty God we conducted a crusade in Punjab at a place called Lamba Pind. Over 250 people came from different villages. God performed great miracles there: evil spirits came out of people, many were healed from heart disease and from pain from which they had suffered for many years.



All the people gave their lives to Jesus and invited us to come to their villages. Now we have the opportunity to start house fellowships in these many villages.

Reeta (below) had been possessed by demons for the last 6 years. As I rebuked the demons she fell to the ground screaming as the demons manifested themselves through her body. I rebuked the demons in the Name of Jesus and commanded them to leave her body in the name of Jesus Christ. After a few minutes she was healed and set free. She then shared her testimony and gave her life to Jesus. She invited us to her village.


A man named Akash (below) was healed from the pain which had afflicted his leg for the last three years.



This was a fruitful event after which we will plant many house churches in the different villages. Thank you for your support.”

Submitted by Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Amit Malik of New Creation Task in India


Reports from Amit Malik