“Our December 2019 gospel event was Uttam Nagar in the capital city of Delhi. Most of those living here come to Delhi for work and are from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Our Elijah Challenge Pastor saw this as a great opportunity to evangelize this particular colony in Delhi—where there is no church. So we will be planting a new church in this area having people who come from four different states.

Our vision is to bring these people to Christ in Delhi, and then when they are back home in their respective states they will share the gospel there.

Around 210 people raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer.

We had some outstanding miraculous healings as the sick were prayed over.

  • A woman with a nerve condition was healed.
  • A woman with a severe back injury was healed.
  • Many with breathing problems were healed.
  • A man with a heart condition felt heat in his chest, and was miraculously healed. It’s been three days he has felt no pain.
  • A man with joint pain said he said he felt his joints being unlocked and afterwards he could move his legs freely.

Please pray for a new church to be planted in this colony in Uttam Nager, Delhi.”



“Another December gospel event (photo below) was held in Walla, a village close to Amritsar in the state of Punjab. Our Elijah Challenge-trained Pastor Dilbagh Singh hosted the event and preached the gospel. This was the very first time a gospel event was held in this village.

Over 160 people prayed the salvation prayer. We now have two Elijah Challenge churches in this village.

After the event Pastor Singh ministered to the sick.

  • A person suffering from a severe sinus condition for five years was healed.
  • A woman with spondylitis was healed.
  • A growth in a woman’s breast vanished.

These are only a few of the many miracles which took place.

Kindly pray for our pastor Dilbagh Singh.”



“Still another gospel event in December was in held Siddhart Nagar in the state of Uttar Pradesh (below). Our Elijah Challenge-trained worker Pastor Daya Nana hosted an evangelistic Christmas event. His church members invited their friends, neighbors and unsaved family members.

Approximately 160 people raised their hands to pray the salvation prayer.

By the grace of God two new churches have been planted this year in Siddhart Nagar. Kindly pray for Pastor Daya Nana as he is working in this very sensitive area.”