Deaf man offering to sell firewood for orphanage miraculously healed

“A man named Kunu came to our home offering to provide firewood for our orphanage. Instead of negotiating the price as most would, he made some gestures to indicate how much it would cost. I told him to come closer, and asked him if he was having a problem with his speech or hearing. He told me that he had lost his hearing in both ears since childhood. He could hear slightly if people came up close to him and spoke to him in a loud voice.

I put my fingers in his ears and commanded the deafness to go in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Then I asked him if he could hear anything.

“No,” he gestured.

I ministered to him a second time after which there was some change in his hearing. Again I ministered to him a third time.

Then he was able to hear very clearly.

He then asked me to minister to his wife for her high blood pressure.

 After that I preached the gospel of Jesus Christ to him!”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa
March 2018