By Bill Willis, Houston, Texas
September 2013

Bill Willis is a supporter of The Elijah Challenge who covers the expenses of our Feeding Events with our co-laborer Simon Haqq in New Delhi, India.  Simon has hosted The Elijah Challenge on various occasions in India.


“Simon called me all excited about a very extraordinary manifestation.  He and some of our pastors returned to a village to baptize some new converts and have a testimony service.  During the testimonies, a woman brought her young son to Simon and asked him to pray for the boy.  This happens all the time so he did not think much of it.

Later he got word that the boy had actually died before she brought him to Simon for prayer [without his knowing that the boy was dead].  The boy’s mother had already taken him to her Hindu priest, but he could do nothing.  When she learned that villagers had been healed in Jesus’ name, she decided to bring her dead child to find out what would happen.

Nothing happened at the moment Simon prayed for the boy, but on the way home he began to cry.  When her family members saw the little boy alive, they all became believers in Christ.  Simon said the whole village was in an uproar.”