This servant of God hosted The Elijah Challenge Training in Louisiana on two occasions
May 2014 Report

Reports from this servant of God

I’ve made two trips now to Punjab and one to Agra, teaching both healing and deliverance.  The results there are amazing, and, as one pastor reports, church members are carrying the Gospel in power and authority into Hindu and Muslim homes, laying hands, healing the sick and seeing people set free from demonic forces.  On our first trip, we trained and practiced with about 175 believers in the Punjab; on our second, we taught and labored with more than 275.  There were dozens and dozens of healings, and, on this most recent trip in Feruary/March, eleven demonicacs were delivered NOT by us but at the hands of the people we had only just trained.
The pastors there are talking openly of revival.  Churches are growing.  In one instance, an agricultural porter named Davinder inhaled our teachings in Feb/Mar of 2012 and, returning to his home village, laid hands on a woman who had been stricken and bedbound for 12 years.  She was healed, got up and walked.  Davinder has now established his own ministry, over and above his work as a porter, discipling 15 families who all converted from Hinduism or Islam and are now standing in the faith of Christ.  Davinder helps to lead the worship in a larger church near Bhatinda, takes notes during the pastor’s sermon, and goes back home to re-preach the message to the 15 families in his own home village.  
In Agra, we were able to teach the Scriptural foundations for healing and deliverance to representatives from approximately 12 churches.  In the Punjab, we are now ministering to believers representing at least 20 churches.  We’ll return to both cities with three teaching teams in February of next year.  In an even more exciting development, we are meeting this November with four young pastors and an amazing man and wife, David & Vijaya Samuel, of really apostolic gifting.  We’ll convene in Calcutta to begin a work there, teaching healing and deliverance among believers in the city’s red light district and to discuss the establishment of a permanent “equipping center” where Indian believers can come for training and those in need of prayer and deliverance can come for healing.
Healings are almost commonplace in my own ministry now.  One woman in Slidell, Louisiana, told me the first time we met that she was having trouble breathing.  I laid hands on her and spoke to her lungs and circulatory system, and she immediately received His healing.  It was so quiet and gentle, in fact, that she didn’t even realize she’d been healed until five minutes after I left.  What I didn’t know at the time was that she had been diagnosed less than two weeks before with end-stage COPD, told she had perhaps two months to live, and recommended for Hospice care.  A woman in our Bible study was healed two weeks ago of severe tendonitis, another woman last week of chronic abdominal pain, another of injuries associated with a severe automobile accident.  We’ve seen sight restored, the lame walk, pancreatic cancer cured, etc., etc., etc.  We’ve seen demonic deliverances both in India and here, some of them very dramatic.  
I am grateful for your ministry and all that God continues to pour forth among those who are simply willing to believe.  
Photo take at the very instant that the woman in the center was delivered from a demon who had
possessed, bankrupted and tormented her for 23 years. The other women are all brand new trainees.