“I rejoice submitting this report on what the Lord did in our Feeding Event in a remote village called Saniketa. Praise the Lord for helping me to preach the gospel and minister to the sick, the poor and to the oppressed.  There were around two hundred and eighty people who accepted Jesus Christ.

An elderly man named Sidheswar had suffered a great deal for twelve years. His entire body shook. When we called him forward, his body was shaking and the entire crowd could see it. Praise the Lord within a few minutes after we ministered to him the shaking miraculously stopped. The crowd was amazed and started clapping. I told them that it was not some sort of magic, but rather the work of the Lord Jesus. Sidheswar also had a problem walking; he needed to walk with the help of a stick. But he left the stick behind when he discovered that he was healed and could walk without it. People stood up and accepted the Lord Christ after witnessing this marvelous healing.



A young girl named Puspa had had severe pain in her chest for long time, feeling something very heavy in her chest. She had suffered for a long time and being young she did not share it with anyone else. But Lord healed her there. The pain and heaviness instantly disappeared from her body. She was overjoyed and with tears she testified that the Lord Jesus had healed her at that moment.

Elderly Maa Reitesh Mallick had difficult seeing properly for long time. Her vision was not clear.  She said that she did not dare go out in the evenings but only during the day when she could see a little. Her eyesight was miraculously healed right there. She came up to the stage without any problem and humbly she gave thanks to the Lord for the marvelous healing of her eyesight.



A woman named Jayanti had had a toothache for three months causing very terrible pain. Her mouth was swollen and she could not bear the pain. Because of this she had difficulty eating. But the Lord Jesus healed her and her mouth was no longer painful.


For five years a gentleman named Tarun had had arthritis in both legs and had much difficulty farming his land since like most villagers he lived off the land. 
His family depended on him for their livelihood. When he heard that healing prayer was being offered he came with much expectation. The Lord healed him while the prayer of confession was being made.  Both of his legs received strength and after we asked him to walk he walked normally.”



-Report by Elijah Challenge Coordinator Subodh Jena in Orissa


After this, the villagers were treated to a meal.


Reports from Subodh Kumar Jena