Punjab is in North India

“Pastor Sukvinder has been serving the Lord for ten years at Bitanda Punjab. Eight months ago he trained at The Elijah Challenge Training Center. He just called me on the phone and shared how he had been blessed by the Elijah Challenge Training. His congregation had remained at 30 people for ten years. But it multiplied to 300 people after he received the Elijah Challenge Training. He calls the church “Voice of Jesus Church.”

Pastor Sukvinder

Among other things, Pastor Sukvinder shared with me how one day he went the hospital to pray over the sick. There one of the women came and asked him to minister to her son whose name is Satpal Singh. Satpal was nearly on his deathbed as the result of an accident. He was bleeding severely and the doctor couldn’t stop it. Pastor Sukvinder laid his hand upon Satpal and commanded the bleeding to stop in the name of JESUS CHRIST. At that very moment the bleeding stopped then and there. Satpal’s mother gave her heart to Jesus Christ. Five days later Satpal was completely well and he accepted JESUS as Lord and Savior. (See Satpal’s photo below.) This news spread around Bitanda Panjab.

Pastor Sukvinder invited me to train his people. On the 1st and 2nd of December 2009, I conducted The Elijah Challenge Training over two days and trained 170 people to heal the sick as Jesus did. By the end of 2010 Pastor Sukvinder wants to see 1,000 people coming to the church to worship JESUS. Amen.”

Satpal Singh, saved from near death

The Basic Training at the Voice of Jesus Church

Pastor Sukvinder praying before the Training starts

Above & below: TEC Training