For four days we taught The Elijah Challenge and ministered in one of the largest evangelical churches in the capital of this Asian Buddhist-controlled nation—and where there is government-sanctioned persecution against the Church. The pastor who just hosted our Training Conference a few years back did not know if he would return home safely to his family every evening after ministering.

We began the Conference by teaching pastors and committed believers from twenty daughter churches who had come by invitation only. During the demonstration of healing at the end of the first session, three people suffering from either deafness or hearing loss were ministered to with power and authority. All three testified that the Lord had restored their hearing as the disciples ministered to them as Jesus did in Mark 8.

In the evenings we held evangelistic healing services where the disciples applied what we had taught them. The miraculous healings were significantly greater than what we normally witness in such meetings, with a stroke victim being powerfully touched by the Lord as just one example. It appears that the Lord may be taking the Elijah Challenge Training up to the next level.

We were actually surprised to see how many infirm people were healed during the three services where the sick had come to be healed in the name of the Lord Jesus.  The Lord is going to use these servants of God and disciples in unusually fruitful ways in this gospel-resistant nation during these last days.

Our Conference host was a distinguished pastor who is respected widely throughout his country, and has planted some one hundred churches around the world. He has a Doctorate of Ministry from conservative Westminster Seminary in Philadelphia as well as a Master’s of Divinity from Fuller Seminary in Pasadena, California. At Fuller he sat under Peter Wagner and John Wimber who taught the historic class on Signs and Wonders in the 1970s and wrote the best-seller book Power Evangelism.

After one of our sessions our Conference host rose and addressed the delegates. He shared with them that he had served the Lord full-time for forty-five years and so had seen and heard just about everything. But he graciously described the Elijah Challenge Training as “stunning” and “heaven on earth” — never before in his life had he heard the type of teaching presented during the four days. In addition to The Elijah Challenge, we also taught on the topics of Eternal Reward, the Anointing Revisited, and Authority of the Works of our Flesh.

Later our Conference host was kind to write the following for us:

“As I mentioned when you were here [in August 2014], you have the most Biblically sound teaching on the subject of signs and wonders, healing, faith and all related subjects including the Charismatic gift of healing and the James 5 model of healing. I am familiar with most of the well-known teachings on these subjects, and your exegesis, exposition as well as the signs and wonders that follow your teaching are unmatched. I pray that many more doors will open for you so that you can bless and enrich the Body of Christ worldwide. The integrity, simplicity and humility that both you and your wife display have really touched our hearts and our pastors are seeing more and more signs and wonders in their churches after your visits.”