August 24, 2012 

The Elijah Challenge in North America

A team of Elijah Challenge-trained disciples gathered at a home in Houston, Texas on a Friday evening in August 2012 to minister healing to infirm people in the name of Jesus Christ.

Team Leader Mark wrote as a summary:

“We had a productive time in the Lord Friday night at the Hartman’s house. The Lord clearly has a heart for the hurting.

We should have asked someone to keep track of the healings and improvements in conditions because ministry was going on at several “healing stations” at the same time. After we presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I do recall the following:

– substantial pain reduction for bulging disc and hip arthritis (impossible to check any internal changes)
– back pain gone 
– leg pain gone 
– retina problem/vision improved 
– severe hand and arm tremors from brain issues subsided 
– brain disease: noticeable walking and talking improvement 
– Lou Gehrig’s disease: obvious exit of spirits of infirmity 
– spirits of fear cast out of two people
– severe osteoporosis and arthritis: pain gone and now walking without cane
– injured knee: pain almost totally gone
– People with Parkinson’s, chronic migraines, diabetes, kidney disease and other maladies for which we could not check almost all reported a palpable sense that God was working on their problems through alleviation of symptoms.”

Teammate Annette wrote:

“I believe all who were prayed for said their health issue(s) were appreciably improved.  I did not hear the results of all but Mark probably knows.  My 84-year-old friend Dot had difficulty walking and had fallen resulting in two black eyes and stitches in her forehead. I noticed, as I was praying for another woman, that Dot was running around the dining room table laughing and praising God. The woman I prayed for with others had Parkinson-like symptoms and she was greatly improved before I left. To God be the glory!”

Teammate Sue wrote:

“It truly was a miraculous evening as Jesus healed many. The mountains were huge!  

I remember a lady with her husband with the Lou Gerhig disease, but do not remember her name. She said the was fearful for her husband and what is happening to him. We commanded in Jesus name for the spirit of fear to leave and she testified that she felt such a peace come over her. 

Another lady had fear also (cannot remember her name). We commanded in the name of Jesus for it to leave and she felt the peace of the Lord!  

My faith is strengthened by their testimonies.”

Teammate Jim wrote:

“Friday we were blessed with the Lord’s presence in power and authority. To be able to witness  what He did was a huge blessing.  

A lady had fallen and hurt her knee.  The pain was much less after we commanded the injury to be healed.

Dot had osteoporosis and  arthritis in her spine she could not walk more than 15 to 20 steps without incurring severe pain.  She had to sit down to rest.  After Jesus healed her she walked without a cane all over the house without any pain!”

Ivy with a heart condition wrote:

“Just wanted to send you a line to say ‘thanks’ for allowing the Lord to use you in such a way. I have been really searching my heart knowing that all the things that have attacked me have came in thru things in my life thru the years. 

The things that the enemy has attacked with involved my heart (heart arrhythmia). I also have a pacemaker. I have not had any problems since your group ministered to me . Praise the Lord. Thank you Jesus.

Also I was told I had diabetes. I checked my sugar level this morning and it was 127. Most of the other times the sugar level was 147 to 187 and then sometimes over 200. Again I thank the Lord for His healing my pancreas and my thymus gland. It was Brother Dennis I believe who ministered to me for that. I do believe that I was and am healed thru what Jesus did for me when His Blood was shed. He took a beating for me and others who will receive it.

I am very excited about what God is doing and know He is not finished with me. Neither is He finished with the meetings you are leading. I know that God uses people to do His work.”