Comments on The Elijah Challenge from a very charismatic believer who has known Christ for 45 years

“You said something about my experience vs. your experience and that I moved from the charismatic approach with mainly people in the church who were sick needing healing, but that you and your wife’s journey had to do with using power and authority and healing coming as a result of the Gospel being preached….when I read what you wrote I knew ‘instantly’ that what you were sharing was something that I ‘definitely’ did NOT have a revelation of….but yet….IN MY HEAD…COGNITIVELY….yes….I understood what you meant, but not nearly as I am beginning to as I am really going through the videos on the subject.”

“With all of the decades of study and fasting and prayer, etc….waiting on Him…hearing…all of that…I have NEVER come upon any ministry with this type of teaching and many other things about how you all ‘do’ this ministry that is so totally opposite of what I have learned on my own and then been directly taught.  It’s like everything in my spirit says…YES…THIS IS TRUE…YES…I KNOW IT….YES…THIS IS WHAT HAS BEEN MISSING.  The Spirit is just overwhelming me to where it is hard to even be willing to go to bed because so much revelation is coming….you know what I mean here.  I am like….WOW…this is so amazing how there has been so much I haven’t seen, even with all I HAVE seen.”

“I am blown away by the wisdom, discernment and the humility and love of Jesus that is reflected in THE WAY this ministry is handled….especially so much of what you do is GIVEN AWAY….FOR FREE….there are just principles I have been seeing that are totally opposite from a lot of the ministries that are highly visible today that are very different.  I am not being critical of ANY of them….I thank God for every bit and piece I have learned from every person He has ever put in my path that He has used to speak any type of spiritual TRUTH that has come directly from Him.”

“I have been spending time in the training manual and I have also been watching some videos of ‘you’ teaching hand’s on healing in a group church setting on Youtube….I started seeing so many different ‘aspects’ of healing and what you were discerning in the Spirit and how we truly have to have that discernment any time we pray for the sick.  The deep teachings of scripture that is in the manual…wow…so many things in there I wasn’t even aware of or that I had perceived very ‘differently’.  I didn’t know if a group of believers put that training manual together, but whoever did….wow….there is just so much DEEP SPIRIT TEACHING in there, but even though it is DEEP, it has a ‘simple’ part to it that I have also been missing.”

“He has truly given you a gifting in the Spirit to be able to speak AND write in His Power and in deep revelation of the scriptures.  Reading and studying in your [Elijah Challenge Training] Manual is affecting me exactly like it did the first time I read the book by T.L. Osborn…HEALING THE SICK….probably in 2007….blew me away…I had always believed God could do ANYTHING even before I accepted Christ in 1972….BUT…I never EVER knew that healing was in the atonement.  When I read T.L.’s book….that revelation hit me, and the words started BURNING OFF THE PAGE.  I couldn’t put the book down and real it all in one night and started over and that is what started my deep path into healing.”

C. S.
July 2017