Location: River of God Christian Fellowship
Niog 2, Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines
27 April 2008

Reports from Albert Kang

After an exciting worship session, Pastora Ana introduced me briefly and promptly handed the pulpit to me. I gave a salvation message delineating the salvation provided by the Lord. Then at the conclusion, I gave an altar call and almost half of the 100 plus people in the congregation came forward to either give their lives to Christ or rededicate themselves to the Lord. After leading them in a prayer of repentance and commitment to follow the Lord, I prayed over them, asking God to guide their lives.

Then it was time for the healing session. By this time, the trained believers had helped to arrange chairs in the front so that the infirm may be seated. About 20 people responded to the call for healing. One of those who responded was a cancer patient who had to be pushed to the front in a wheelchair. Another elderly lady walked to the front with a walker because her hip was in intense pain. The trained believers quickly surrounded these infirmed people and waited for the instruction to commence healing.

After explaining that they would receive healing through the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I then gave the commands for the diseases and pain to leave these people. The trained disciples laid their hands on the affected areas and repeated in unison the commands to be healed. Their faith level was extremely high and the presence of the Holy Spirit was there. We had great expectation that God would do mighty miracles that afternoon. Nobody even noticed the warm environment as all the people were focused on the miracles that were happening before their eyes.

A middle-aged lady was the first to testify that God had healed her of her back pain. An elderly man who was sitting on the front row and as I was preaching, he was showing great concentration to every word. Because of his faith, he was healed of his bodily pain and aches. He rejoiced and gave a long testimony of what God had done to his infirmed body. A young teenage girl bravely walked forward to testify that her cough and breathing problem had been healed. A weeping lady came forth and said that she could not believe that God had healed her of a long-time pain in her body. A mother brought her baby and shared about how God had healed her and also her child.

Pastora Ana then took over the commanding and more people were healed. Two other mothers brought their young children and testified how God had healed them and their children. An elderly lady was healed of her painful wrist and hand. An elderly man testified solemnly about how he was suffering from a terrible back pain and now it was gone. The lady in the walker also came forth to tell the crowd that the pain in her hip was gone.

By this time, the lady who was suffering from cancer was complaining to her daughter. She was very weak but she could see everybody being healed except her. I went down to encourage her and as I laid my hands, the power of the Holy Spirit came upon her. I took authority over the spirit of cancer and commanded it to leave. I also commanded the pain in her body to leave immediately. When asked what had happened, she said that she felt strength returning to her infirmed body and the pain was gone. To prove that she had received divine unction, she raised and shook her hands vigorously. However, her legs were still weak and swollen and thus she could not stand. The healing had happened and as her daughter pushed her to the door, she was smiling widely. The daughter promised to return with her mother for further healing sessions.

As the session came to a close, I noticed a brother who was suffering from a painful shoulder and was apparently not healed. He had given up hope for it to be healed and was heading to the door. I had Pastor Reggie chase after him and brought him back. He returned but felt that he had given us enough trouble after so many people had tried to help him. Deep inside, I felt the faith to heal this man in Jesus’ name. As I laid hand on his painful shoulder and commanded it to go in the name of Jesus, the pain left him immediately. He was thrilled that the pain was finally gone and after thanking me and other Elijah Challengers, he walked off rejoicing.

An elderly lady saw the miracle and stopped me as I was walking to the door. She wanted her blurred vision to be healed as she had cataracts in her eyes. I laid both hands over her eyes and commanded the cataracts to go and that her vision to be fully restored. When my hands were lifted, she stared at the stage and exclaimed that she could see clearly the cross and all the words that were used to decorate the wall of the stage. She said previously all these were blurry to her eyes.

After the healing rally, Pastor Juan took me to minister to the lady whom we had healed on a previous occasion. When I reached the little house, she was lying on a bed situated in the living room. She complained that after we had left, the devil had inflicted her with a sharp back pain. Turning to the side, she indicated the place where the pain was. Without waiting, I laid hands on her painful back and commanded the pain to leave. When Pastor Juan asked the elderly lady how she felt, she said that the pain was gone. Pastor Juan was thrilled by this fast result and said that even the demon was obedient to our commands and left immediately. The elderly lady rose from bed, stood up and danced with me. What a powerful testimony to her family and neighbours. I then told her daughter to get rid of all the Catholic idols in her house. Pastor Juan and I have reasons to believe that some of these spirits in the idols were afflicting her with lots of pain.

I was learning something here too – every healing must be done with mountain-moving faith. There must be absolutely no doubt even though we may fail many times. Sometimes, divine healing may not be instantaneous but progressive. Some people do receive healing through a series of commands and also through a period of time while others seem to receive healing instantaneously. I do not fully understand how God operates but I believe that our duty is to be obedient and keep on commanding with faith. The more we are willing to take the risk of failure, the more faith would become stronger within us. As faith is a living seed, it will blossom and grow into a strong tree if we are willing to use it regularly.

I thank God for this opportunity to minister and also to train the Filipino believers to heal the sick in light of preaching the Gospel. God has used Pastora Ana, Pastor Cesar, Pastor Reggie, Pastor Juan, Pastor Ruel, Pastora Inday and other pastors to spearhead the Elijah Challenge in Cavite and other parts of the Philippines. Pastora Ana has translated the Elijah Challenge Basic Training Seminar into Tagalog and is in the process of inviting others to translate it into various major Filipino languages. Some of the pastors have conducted their own Elijah Challenge seminars and healing rallies with very positive results. Let’s pray for these Filipino pastors as they reach out to the thousands of churches in the Philippines with the Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism.

Reported by Reverend Albert Kang, Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia