Location: Rhema Miracle Church

Baranguy Povorista, Covelandia Road, Binakayan Kawit Cavite, Philippines

Reports from Albert Kang

This 3-day Basic/Advanced Training and Healing Crusade event was organized by seven churches:

1. The River of God Christian Fellowship
2. Rhema Miracle Church – Binakayan
3. Rhema Miracle Church – Addas 4 Mambog.
4. Abundant Life Ministries & Fellowship
5. Jesus Heartline Gospel Mission Church
6. Meadowood Christian Fellowship
7. HP High Praise Philippines.

For the next three days, the training would be held at Rhema Miracle Church at Binakayan. This church with a congregation of 400 began its ministry among the fishermen who worked in the Manila Bay area. The founding and present pastor is Rev Ruel “Boy” Gagui who is a most amiable brother. On this first morning of the seminar, majority of the participants had arrived slightly late and thus delayed the opening time by half an hour. Everybody enjoyed a time of powerful worship led by Pastor Ruel Barte and his team of singers and musicians. Among the one hundred attendees, there were many first-time participants; therefore it had become crucial for me to explain the basic Elijah Challenge concept along with the Train-the-Trainers program.

The participants in the Training

At this time of the year, Binkayan is experiencing sweltering heat. Even with all the fans blowing, the hall refused to cool. In spite of the extreme heat, the participants were very gracious and seemed to enjoy every bit of information that I shared. Their regular “Amen’s” and occasional spontaneous applause encouraged me on.

At 11.45 AM, for the sake of the new participants, I conducted a healing demonstration. All those previously trained believers came forward to lay hands and heal the infirm in the name of Jesus. As their faith was high, miracles inevitably happened. Pastor Roger, a local pastor who has a church in Luzon but a dangerous outreach ministry among the largest Musl__m separatist rebel group – the Moro Isl–mic Liberation Front (MILF) on the lsland of Mindanao, was healed of upper back pain. A sister was healed of pain from right shoulder to the right leg. A brother was thrilled that after authority was taken, the bloated feeling in his stomach had disappeared. An elderly man testified that the pain in his back had vanished. An elderly lady had a miracle in her throat – the irritation inside her throat had instantly stopped and so did the persistent cough. Another lady who had pain in her hands and legs were healed and just could not wait to testify. A young man who had a persistent back pain testified that after the trained believers took authority over him three times, he was perfectly healed. All those who came forth were healed except for one man who had partial healing – he felt much sensation returned to his numb foot but not completely.

Healing demonstration for first-time participants

Authority to heal in action

Pastor Roger was healed of upper back pain

Healed of pain from right shoulder to right leg

Healed from stomach discomfort

Healed from back pain

Trained believers exercising authority over infirmities

Woman miraculously healed of pain in hand & leg

Taking authority over knee pain

Woman healed of knee ailment & pain

Newly trained pastors taking authority over back pain

Man (left) healed from stubborn back pain

Healed of knee pain (right)

Healed from throat irritation and cough

We had a one-hour break at 12 noon and returned to second session at one. This time, the participants were punctual. The hot weather threatened to make the afternoon training session a really gruelling experience. The organizers were desperately trying to cool the participants with a few air conditioners and fans turning at full-blast. The inevitable seemed to happen and some participants began to nod. However, these sleepy souls did not get a chance to go into deep sleep because the enthusiasm of the other participants woke them up. Subsequently, no one slept and the continual keenness and spiritual hunger of all the participants saved the day for our seminar. As I led them through different topics and also some ideas on how they can grow their churches by using the methods taught by The Elijah Challenge, the people just drank in the necessary information with gladness. Soon, it was 4 PM and time to conclude the session. My shirt was wet with perspiration but my heart was filled with great joy. Some of the pastors expressed gratitude and thanked me for bringing them the prophetic message for their churches. Little did they realise that I was so thankful for this privilege to serve and to bring them encouragements and blessings from the words of the Lord.

Reported by:
Rev Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia