Reports from Albert Kang

Location: Rhema Miracle Church

Baranguy Povorista, Covelandia Road, Binakayan Kawit Cavite, Philippines


The seminar was getting crowded as more pastors and leaders joined the training. One of the pastors was the director of the Conservative Baptist churches in Cavite. I was pleasantly thrilled by the high level of enthusiasm portrayed by the participants. It was unusual because the sanctuary was as warm as that of the first day. The cooling system was not functioning and once again, I looked forward to another sweat-drenched event. The summer heat of the Philippines was not pleasant at all.

As more new people participated, I had to repeat some of the original lessons again. I made sure that these new participants understood the important concepts of the “Three Anointings” and the “Faith of God”. Some of the participants had brought their infirmed friends and loved ones, and so the seminar was also taking the shape of a healing rally. Pastora Ana had announced that the infirm could actually come at 11.30 AM for the first healing session and then subsequently at 3.30 PM for the second healing session.

The second-day training session opened with a powerful worship time. We were all lost in the presence of God as Pastor Ruel “Boy” Gagui and his musicians led us before the throne of grace. The primary lesson that day was to emphasize on the Kingly Authority. As usual, the “David and Goliath” story captured the audience – they were excited when I emphasized that it was time for the Church to take up its responsibility just like what David did.

During the healing demonstration, nine people came up to be healed. Two of them were seminar participants while the rest just came for the healing. For the benefits of the newly trained believers, I gave them some finer points on how to lay hands and also the importance of keeping their eyes opened. The Holy Spirit’s presence was quite evident and when I gave the command to be healed, the Lord began touching people.

The first to come up to testify was a lady healed instantly of her backache. The next was a lady healed of her stomach ailment. Another lady was healed instantly of her arthritic knee pain. The second time the command to heal was given, a lady with arthritic hands were healed. She testified with total surprise on her face that this miracle could happen to her. The next lady had her legs healed and she testified that there was no pain anymore. A pastor who arrived just the day before from Saudi Arabia was also one of the recipients of healing. His hurting back and shoulder were completely healed after the trained believers took authority three times.

The next day, which was the final session of the training, I was glad to see the crowd returning. Those pastors, who had just joined the training on the previous day, were present too. I was really glad to see them because these are the people who would carry the Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism further and maybe even make in-route into areas that we cannot go. During the break, Reverend Jerry Ambi, who was among those recently arrived pastors, expressed how he and his fellow ministers had benefited from the teaching and how they could use Elijah Challenge in their own churches and ministries. (Reverend Jerry is the Assistant International Director and Asian Director of Jesus the Heart of Mission Team). That was like music to my ears. I had asked Pastora Ana to organize a special Meet-The-Pastors session on Saturday so that I can get to know these pastors better. I planned to discuss about future Elijah Challenge seminars to be held at their church locations. In preparation for these future ministries, I had also asked Pastora Ana and Pastor Reggie to avail themselves so that when needed, they can conduct TEC seminars in Tagalog for these pastors.

The participants learned that having more faith is absolutely vital to heal the sick and cast out demons. Relentlessly, I pounded this truth into them because the purpose of this training was not just to show a formula but to build unshakeable faith. The long session in a warm environment would normally trigger lethargic response but I was dealing with Filipino church leaders who had great expectancy built within their spirit.

On the third and final day, I actually extended the lessons till five in the afternoon. Except for an hour break for lunch, the participants sat through the training without showing signs of weariness or boredom. They were still as receptive as they did on the first day. It was an incredible experience because I had never encountered such hungry audience.

The healing demonstration once again took the semblance of a healing rally. This time, fifteen people responded to the call for healing. Once again, the majority were not seminar attendees but those who came seeking for healing. As the trained believers and the infirm gathered in the front, Pastora Ana took over the explanation in Tagalog. Then she gave the commands of healing in Tagalog while every Elijah Challenger repeated after her. I was elated listening to the commands in Tagalog. Here was this sister who attended my training only last July and now, just within a period of nine months, she is moving with power and anointing.

As expected, miracles happened as the participants laid their hands by faith. The first to testify was a pastor who had pain in the back of his left ear. Before the healing session, he had told me that the skull section at the back of ear was hurting quite badly. Now, he was smiling and testifying to the glory of God. The queue of those being healed became longer. One by one, they came forth to testify about being healed of back pain, shoulder pain, leg pain and other infirmities. One of the pastors from a mission agency was healed of his painful shoulder. To prove that he was healed, he raised and swung his miraculously healed left arm. A Baptist pastor was healed of a painful leg condition.

The final session concluded with me praying to God to bless the participants and also those who came just for the healing. As I made my way to the door, an elderly lady with a walking stick, approached me and requested to be healed. Due to her diabetic condition, her legs were in pain, eyes were tearing and vision impaired. With Sister Beth, the wife of Pastor Reggie, and a couple of sisters who were standing nearby, I proceeded to heal the elderly lady. I asked her to sit and then the other sisters and I laid our hands and took authority over her knees. When we paused, the elderly lady was gleaming with joy and before we realised it, she had put away her walking stick and declared, “I can walk now”. She then walked back and forth without aid. I asked whether she would like her blurred vision to be healed. She consented and I covered her eyes with my hands and took authority. When I took off my hands and she gave me a most beautiful smile. To everybody’s delight, she said that her vision had completely cleared up. Even the tearing in the eyes had somehow stopped. With great joy, she held my hand and walked with me out of the church.

On Saturday, from nine in the morning till three in the afternoon, more than twenty pastors and church leaders attended a special Meet-the-Pastors session. I emphasized the importance of using Elijah Challenge End-time Model of Evangelism in their ministry. During the Q&A session, a pastor said that he had a frozen left shoulder and so I invited my “Elishas” to do the healing. As these trained pastors took authority, the pastor felt that his shoulder had become less painful but there was still a shadow of pain. Just in case there might be some unresolved spiritual issues that prevented the full cure, I led this pastor in the prayer of confession and repentance. He was completely healed after another stream of command to heal was given.

On the way back to the hotel, Pastor Boy and Pastor Juan decided to stop by a member’s house to pray for her. The elderly lady was cured of breast cancer but new cancer had developed in other parts of the body. Her lungs were weak and she struggled to breathe. As we laid hands, I began to rebuke the spirit of cancer. After that, all of us looked at her intensely to see her reaction. She suddenly smiled and stood up. She then walked back and forth and repeatedly said, “Thank you, Lord”. According to the pastors, she was too weak to stand up for long and walking around was obviously impossible. Then they also noticed that for the first time, since the spread of the cancer, she was smiling. This elderly sister told us that she was actually breathing much better than before. We praise God that through Elijah Challenge, we were able to bring not only relief but healing to this precious sister. The last four-day training sessions were very fruitful indeed. I thank God for the privilege of being a part of this very exciting End-time ministry.

Reported by Reverend Albert Kang, Coordinator, Elijah Challenge Asia