By Paula in Maryland
January 2015 

“I had been ministering to Lillie in Jacksonville, Florida almost everyday since the day we ministered together to Carol in Michigan for her heart condition over the phone.  

68-year-old woman in Michigan cancels open heart surgery after trained disciples minister to her

Lillie was diagnosed with colon cancer in March of 2012.  On March 14, 2013, she was diagnosed with stomach cancer.  She was started on chemo in May, 2013.  On September 8th this year (2014), she became seriously ill and has been hospitalized many times.  She was taken to Atlanta, Georgia for treatment.  They could not help her.  Her sister, Angel, brought her back to Jacksonville, Florida via ambulance.  Since then she has been hospitalized.  I had been praying for her all this time. How I wish I had heard you before.  She has been given up on so many times.  Just before I started your training (after Sheila Zilinsky emailed me the link to her show with you as her guest) the doctors gave Lillie up to die. 

I had only gotten through 2 of your training videos, but I had Angel put the phone by Lillie’s head, and I had her repeat after me, and together we rebuked death in Jesus’ name.  She continued to live.  Then after together we ministered to Carol over the phone, you told me and Sarhonda to minister to Lillie everyday.” 

“Praise God, Lillie’s sister just called while I was typing this email and told me that the doctor said that all her cultures came back negative.  She had had yeast and staph infection in her blood.  We rebuked all infection from her body just two nights ago.  Look at our JESUS!   They said she would never go home, now they are saying she may go home.  The doctor doesn’t know that he is not the decision-maker.”

“Sister Sarhonda and I got the opportunity to minister to Lillie for the first time together tonight.  She experienced a greater breakthrough.  Her sister, Angel, got an instant healing.  God is so good.”

“I have know Lillie’s sister Angel for over 11 years, and have only met her once 3 years ago.  After ministering to Lillie, I told Sarhonda that Angel had some issues.  She recently was in an accident and totaled her sister’s car.  Because she had an accident years earlier, she ended up with pain in her neck, shoulder and arm.  She had lower back pain, and was in constant pain.  It hurt when she stood up and when she sat down.  We each took a turn, rebuking and commanding the pain to leave.  When she tested herself, all pain was gone immediately.  She sat down and stood up repeatedly. She turned her head from side to side.  She moved her shoulder.  Praise God – NO PAIN!  She thanked and praised the Lord.”

February 3 – “Good News!  Lillie [whom the doctors said would die and never go home] is coming home today.”