The Lord’s grace was evident at the equipping sessions held at CBN Indonesia’s modern complex. Several people were healed during the demonstrations at the end of the sessions. The healings took place faster for the ladies than the men. Many pastors from other churches were present as well as the CBN prayer team and counselors. They received the teaching wholeheartedly and the presence of the Lord could be sensed. The CBN Indonesia Director was present for part of the teaching, especially the complete teaching on mountain-moving faith. He said that they really need teaching like this one, not just preaching.

From the very start the ladies took the teaching very seriously, but not some of the men since Lucy is a woman. One brother gave a frivolous response to a question that she posed during the teaching. This drew a gentle public rebuke from one of the leaders. But at the end of the day after the teaching and the confirming miraculous healings, some men came up to Lucy and gave her the right hand fellowship with a handshake. (She experienced something similar last year when she ministered in Argentina.)

Above & below: Evangelistic Healing Service at GBI Lippo Cikarang

Lucy leads trained believers in ministering “mass healing”

At the climactic Evangelistic Healing Service the Lord’s manifestation of power was awesome and glorious. Jesus Christ was proclaimed as the only way to the Father from John 14. Then during the mass healing three out of the eight hundred people in attendance were healed. One lady with a congenital heart condition experienced no more difficulty in breathing and no more pain. Another woman was healed from bad pain in her knee. The third person was healed from knee pain that caused her excruciating pain when she squat down. She was healed totally and could squat freely. (See below photos.)

Symptoms from her congenital heart condition disappeared

Lucy’s Jakarta cousin healed of bad knee condition

“No more excruciating pain when I squat!”

Then came the second stage of healing during which the trained believers laid hands on the sick. Twenty people were healed—quite major healings. CBN Indonesia Director Mark McClendon and his wife Ira were in attendance.

Mark & Ira (center) McClendon

Trained believers ministering healing to the infirm with the laying on of hands

One lady with Stage 4 cancer of the womb and suffering severe pain and fever was totally relieved of the pain and fever and could not even feel the pain after pressing down on it hard. Director Mark McClendon jumped in excitement witnessing it. See her photo below.

Another woman had a half inch diameter lump in her breast as hard as a rock. During the course of the laying on of hands by the trained believer, the lump got softer and softer and then totally disappeared. Even on the stage at the front while waiting to testify publicly she kept looking for it—she couldn’t find it. See her photo below. (She had been healed during the earlier mass healing of another infirmity.)

An elderly lady who could not even close her hands due to arthritis was able to do so freely. She was also set free from her symptoms of bronchitis, and is shown testifying below.

A gentleman suffering from deafness for two years was healed and could hear clearly. He is shown testifying below.

A man with extremely poor eyesight was healed and could read very tiny letters on his Identification Card, letters as small as grains of poppy seeds. He demonstrated he could read the minuscule letters in front of the crowd. (See the photos below.)

Trained believers laying hands on his eyes

Afterwards he can read the very small print on an ID card

Above & below: this gentleman was delivered from debilitating pain in his legs

There was great excitement for the CBN counselors who had been trained. The Lord had performed powerful miracles through them. One man confessed his sin of adultery and reconciled with his wife in front of the crowd. The pastor prayed for them. He then asked for forgiveness from his wife and they both wept and hugged each other. The two photos below show the couple embracing and the pastor praying for them afterwards.

When the people were invited to repent of their sins and believe on Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, some in the crowd of mostly believers came forward.

Above & below: People coming forward to repent and to believe on Jesus Christ

A sinner repents

At the end of the meeting the pastor of the Bethany Church (GBI) where the meeting was held stood up to speak. He asked the ladies who wanted to be raised up to serve the Lord like Lucy to come to the front for prayer. Hundreds of women surged forward and Lucy prayed for them. (See the three photos below.)

Above & below: Some ladies wept as they cried out to the Lord to be used by Him

Received the following week from Lucy’s CBN host Sister Canovya:

“I could not help but inform you as soon as possible…

Sister Grace, our Follow-up Department Supervisor, reported that the telephone counselors applied your teaching, and they are excited with the results—people calling in on the telephone and experiencing deliverance, healing, etc.

We are so excited!! We will report in detail to you through email as soon as possible!!”