Monmouth Chinese Christian Church
Lincroft, New Jersey

In the fall of 2002, we ministered at the evangelical Monmouth Chinese Christian Church near the New Jersey shore, where many of the believers are engineers and computer scientists employed by AT&T and Lucent. They received with open hearts the teaching that Jesus has given authority over disease and demons to his church for the preaching of the gospel. As a demonstration of this, we shared the gospel at the Mandarin-speaking service on Sunday afternoon. After the message, he asked the Lord to confirm through miraculous healings that He indeed has the authority to forgive our sins. People wanting to be healed of their physical infirmities laid hands on themselves as we exercised authority over the infirmities in the name of Jesus. When he asked those who had been healed to testify, some people raised their hands. Among them…..

 A choir member was months pregnant and felt much discomfort as she sat in her seat in the choir section at the front. She laid hands on herself as we ministered from the podium in the name of Jesus. The pain and discomfort vanished completely. Amazed and incredulous, she stood up to testify excitedly about what the Lord had done. Another sister stood up to testify that after her husband lost his job, she began to doubt whether the Lord was truly leading them through their time of struggle. She had been suffering from pain in her neck, so she laid her hand on her neck and asked the Lord to heal her if He was really with them during this time of difficulty. The pain disappeared. Her voice choked with emotion as she stood up to testify of the Lord’s comfort and faithfulness. A third sister named Margaret then stood up to testify that she had been healed of persistent upper back pain.

After the testimonies, we explained to the people that Jesus had just given them the physical proof—the miracles—that He had authority to forgive their sins (Mark 2:1-10). A handful of precious Chinese souls raised their hands to show they wanted Jesus to be their Savior!