There was a young man named Vincent at the hotel attending another event along with his parents. Vincent was a large man who had been born with physical deformities on one side of his body, and so could not walk normally. One of the New York sisters named Sharon from our event noticed him in the hotel lobby. Sharon wanted to ask him to come to our Saturday evening service in the hotel where we could minister healing to him, and so approached his mother. Since they were at the hotel to attend another event, they—especially Vincent’s father—were a bit reluctant (and perhaps skeptical) to come to our service. But they said they could come and stay for ten minutes. The family sat down and we began the service.

Knowing that they did not want to stay long, I went through my evangelistic message from Mark 2 very quickly. The bottom line of the preaching was that Jesus healed the sick to prove that he had authority to forgive sin and thus grant eternal life. Finishing up my message quickly, I invited the trained disciples to step forward to heal the sick as they had been trained to do—as the evidence that Jesus could forgive sin.

 The Elijah Challenge Chicago Training Event  –  April 2015

Then I invited those who needed healing to come forward. People with infirmities, including Vincent, came forward. A group of disciples, led by Sharon from New York, gathered around Vincent and began to minister to him in the name of Jesus Christ. Tommy, one of the disciples who joined in ministering to Vincent, wrote:

“His arms were not the same length nor were his legs.  I walked up and joined the team in ministering healing to the man’s hips, legs, leg muscles, joints, ankles, and feet.  There were many deformities to this man’s lower body.  After intense and multiple healing ministry, the man’s legs grew out, many of his joints and leg bones shifted into place and his feet which were out of place went back into their proper positions. We could physically feel the miracles taking place as we laid our hands on the respective parts of his body. He also had other deformities that were not visible. He had a kidney that was very small compared to the other and had circulation problems, and a sugar problem. He said that he felt something happening to his kidney as we ministered to him.”

Vincent later on video testified publicly of what the Lord had done for him. He was able to bend down and touch his toes. He was able to get up without the help of his arms pushing his weight up. He lifted up his arms and gave thanks to the Lord Jesus—who through Vincent’s miraculous healing had demonstrated that He could do the far greater miracle of saving us from our sins.

The next morning at breakfast we saw Vincent at a distance, walking normally beside his parents.