Evangelistic Healing Service for Indonesian Community in Chicago Sofitel Hotel

Believers ministering healing to those with infirmites

The Lord was gracious to us on Saturday as we ministered to the mostly Indonesian believers of the City Blessing Churches in the Midwest, led by Pastor Rony Kuswanto. We conducted a Healing Encounter in West Lafayette, Indiana, where we taught the believers how to minister healing effectively in the context of sharing the gospel with unbelievers.

On Sunday evening, five different Indonesian churches and organizations came together in a spirit of unity at the Sofitel Hotel in Chicago. They held their first-ever joint evangelistic outreach to the Chicago-area Indonesian community at which I ministered. After sharing to the assembled crowd that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and has authority to forgive our sins, I asked the Lord to confirm His word by miraculously healing those with infirmities. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that there were present some people who had physical problems in their throat. After I announced this to the people, three ladies raised their hands to acknowledge that they indeed had such an infirmity. They came forward to be healed in the name of Jesus. For some time the first lady felt something uncomfortably lodged in her throat, a problem her doctor could not treat. I laid my hand on her throat and commanded it to leave in Jesus’ name. When I asked her how she felt, through tears she testified that it was gone!

After that I asked the believers who had been trained the previous day to come forward to lay hands on other people with infirmities in the name of Jesus. The Lord’s power to heal was present. In the photos below, people are testifying of what the Lord has done for them.


"The thing lodged in my throat is suddenly gone!"

"My knees are healed...watch, I can bend down now with no pain!"

"I had pain from shingles in the back of my head, but the pain is completely gone!"

"I can breathe much better now!"

"Ears, be opened in the name of Jesus!"

Her hearing was 75% restored!

"I can bend and move my leg freely now!"

After the testimonies were given demonstrating that Jesus is the Son of God and has authority to forgive sin, precious Indonesian souls accepted Christ as Lord and Savior!