July 2011

Other reports from Jaimie

Jaimie Alonso attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced in February 2008. Now Jaimie is teaching The Elijah Challenge fruitfully in different countries.

“I have just finished ministry in Mexico! It was more of a demonstration time at the host church. I came with Youth for Christ to build 2 houses and promote the Elijah Challenge course.

In the evening I did a small teaching, then opened up the night to heal the sick. 4 cataracts, 1 tumor, some back pains and a little boy with tonsillitis. He said to his dad, “now that the Lord has healed me, can we go for ice cream?” His mom was also healed of cataracts and her sight totally restored. She said to her husband, “now that I can see you, you are even more handsome than before.” She made me cry.

I have been invited back to teach about 600 pastors as Mexico is getting ready to reap a harvest. They are setting aside 3 months for training and want me to train them with The Elijah Challenge. We will see what happens!”