Reports from Carl Henderson

Carl trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2006, and is presently serving as a missionary in the Philippines. Below are portions of a report Carl sent when he visited Karen refugee camps at Thailand’s border with Burma…

“Today we witnessed to a Burmese Buddhist woman, who did not know who Jesus was or what following Jesus was about… I went through the Way of The Master with her and she came under strong conviction (she spoke good English). She was powerfully moved and asked many questions… I gave her the Gospel of John (easy to read version) and the “Save Yourself Some Pain” booklet. She was excited and full of joy and very thankful…! She promised to read them without us asking her too. We were in the same rented vehicle and before that on the same bus. God put us together! We talke fro over two hours! She was complaining about a bad headache. When we got out of the vehicle I knew I should do The Elijah Challenge and heal her but we were in a hurry to make the bus arraignments… When we were done, I told Nethaniel lets go heal her. We went outside where she was waiting and holding her head in her hands, I told her that Jesus could heal her and I think he will right now… she said “OK.” We laid hands one her, took authority and rebuked the Headache. When we were done we asked here if she felt the pain still…she said “I felt something happen…” I asked her “does it still hurt,…” she got a big smile and said “it is gone, sure, sure, it is gone” She told us she felt “something happen when we laid hands on her, now the pain is gone.” She kept saying “sure, sure, it is gone!” I told her that Jesus did it! I told her “Jesus is real he can heal, answer prayer and forgive sins.” She was amazed and so happy… We had to go as our ride had arrived… “I told her put your faith and trust in Jesus and turn from her sins and Jesus will forgiver her and giver her a new life!” I told her “Read the books I gave you and tell others what Jesus did!” She was shaking her head “yes, yes” with a big smile!!! The books have our email information which she requested we right for her.

When I was getting in the truck to leave she came around to watch us leave still smiling very big, I pointed to heaven and shook my head saying “Yes” while mouthing the words “He is real” without saying the words out loud.. She pointed to the sky smiling and shouted “Jesus”..very loud!

Please pray for her…her name sounds like (HMO) Htmahoo… she is returning to family in Burma and she is a afraid to return because of the violent government! Pray for the seed of the gospel to go deep into her heart!!!! And for her not to have rest until she fully repents!!!

As we drove away, I knew we had made a friend for eternity… I started crying thinking about how amazing it is to be used by “God, the Creator of the Universe!” Why does He do things like this with someone as unworthy as me… I will never understand! Our God is so GOOD!!!! I feel so unworthy!!!”

In Christ service,
Pastor Carl Henderson and family
MOR – Mission of Reconciliation