Thank you so much for praying for us. This past month we have been experiencing mighty miraculous healings in the Feeding Event as well as elsewhere.

We had a very powerful event in an unreached remote village called “J.” There many villagers accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. (We can no longer reveal the name of the village or how many accepted Christ due to threats from angry Fundamentalist Hindus who read our earlier reports.)



A man named Ananta (below) was suffering from diabetes and also cancer in his mouth.  He was addicted to drugs and alcohol. There was cancer in his mouth diagnosed by a doctor and it was growing in size day by day. He suffered from severe pain and could not open his mouth properly to eat and drink. Even when talking he could feel the pain. Wonderfully the Lord touched him and he experienced the Lord’s healing power in his body. The swelling left and the cancer disappeared at that moment. The villagers were astonished to witness the miracle of God. Ananta testified that not only had the cancer disappeared, he felt in his body that he was also healed of the diabetes.



A woman named Kamini (below) had been suffering in her uterus for a long time. She had gone to many doctors and although she had taken various prescription drugs on which she had spent quite a bit of money, she was still not well. Despite the prescriptions and the painkillers, the heavy pain in her stomach persisted. But at the Feeding Event the Lord graciously healed her. She felt completely fine.



An older woman “Mama” was partially blind for many months. She was not able to recognize people. And so she had difficulty going here and there—even going to work in order to survive. At the Feeding Event she was miraculously healed. She had wanted to testify about God’s healing touch before the people at the Event, but did not get a chance. As we were about to leave that place she came to us. She shared that she had not able to recognize people, but her eyesight had been restored and she could recognise people without difficulty.



A man named Rohit was suffering from burning in his body possibly due to the unbearable heat. Most of the time he would massage his body with ice or cold water bringing him relief for a few seconds but then the burning would return.  It was wonderful that Lord healed him instantly.



Laxmi (below) had suffered from a high fever for one week. The Lord healed her right there at the Feeding Event.



Thank you so much for your prayer and support which enables us to go to such a remote place with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.



Afterwards, feeding the villagers




– Report submitted by The Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India