By a Public School Teacher who trained with The Elijah Challenge

Inspired by recent training under Brother B., I decided to organize a small-scale Crusade at a public Middle School in the San Francisco Bay Area. On a Thursday afternoon in December 2004, thirty-three seventh graders showed up after school along with Kenny Daniel (a student supervisor) and Pastor Rich Kinney of Revival Generation Ministries. The guest speaker was high school freshman Allysa McNutt who had also been trained under Brother B.

I had asked Kenny Daniel to attend because he had a weakened Achilles tendon that needed healing. So after the gospel was preached to the students, Allysa ministered healing to Mr. Daniel’s ankle with mountain-moving faith in the name of Jesus. After two attempts, his ankle continued to show signs of weakness. Allysa ministered a third time in front of a very anxious crowd which included me. Suddenly Mr. Daniel was able to move his ankle to a position that he could not do before. He reported (and continues to report) that the healing he experienced was significant. The students began to clap and cheer. They clapped again as Allysa began to speak to them.

Allysa shared about how God was using her on her high school campus to tell others about Jesus and to demonstrate His healing power. One of her stories included a student who was scheduled for back surgery. Alyssa and another member from her high school Christian Club had prayed over her back during lunch break, and the pain had disappeared. The next day the doctors could not find anything wrong, and no surgery was required. Students listened intently as she mentioned the biggest miracle of all, which was how Jesus changed her heart and turned her life completely around. After she spoke, Pastor Kinney led the students in a sinner’s prayer. As I looked around, all heads were bowed. At the end, students said “Amen” with synchronized precision. It was truly an awesome afternoon.

Afterwards over half of the students expressed elated interest in becoming part of the Christian Club at Helms Middle School, including the preliminary 7-week training in the Great Commission. At the second meeting the following week, two students requested prayer, one for pain in her swollen fingers, and another for a sore throat. Once again Allysa, who was visiting that day, demonstrated the power of Jesus with mountain-moving faith, and both were instantly healed.

Over the past four years, the range of students who participated in the Helms Christian Club was between two and five students. Currently there are close to twenty students who now attend each week. Students are coming each week with a refreshing enthusiasm not only to study the ministry of Jesus and the gospel He preached, but also to receive the power of the Holy Spirit for the advancement of His Kingdom on the campus. In all the years that I’ve facilitated Student Bible Study at Helms Middle School, I’ve never seen such an overflow of joy among students as they hear about the Good News of Christ and witness His awesome power!