The Elijah Challenge in Australia


The following is our report from the December 2014 outreach at Whitmore Square last night. What an amazing night it was!  Again, great weather!

The BBQ went very well as always, so many blessed by the generosity of the ministry. Lots of good interaction (and plenty of laughter) as the people lined up and received their food—such an important part of the ministry.

Two of our team handed out the candy canes with Bible verses wrapped around them to every person, along with the New Testaments which were offered, wrapped in gift paper. What an opportunity for people to receive a portion of God’s word specifically for them!  Over 20 New Testaments as well as other materials were gratefully received by those who came.

One young man (Mark) was very angry towards the church, but was so moved by the love and words spoken over him by a team member that he ended up in tears, as it meant so much to him.

 Another man (John) from a Roman Catholic background, was ministered to for healing. He had a number of ailments, so team asked which were the most pressing. The team began taking authority over the pain in his knees. We asked him how it felt and to be really honest with us. He remarked the pain had gone from one knee. We ministered to the other…he responded that the pain had gone from the second knee. He was amazed! Then his elbow…again, healing. Then his wrist…..more breakthrough. He began to share he hadn’t had strength in that hand like that for years and he began to reak down because he was so overwhelmed with what God had done!

This last story about John is a great encouragement, as we were really praying for breakthroughs in physical healing. That is the first one for a very long time. We trust it will send a story going in the homeless community and also build momentum going into 2015.

So many other things we could share…

It felt like last night we went to a new level, certainly in respect to the moving of the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your prayer support and encouragement through this year. It has meant a huge amount to us as a team.