Tom Briggs and Salt Ministries hosted and trained with The Elijah Challenge in January 2009

Other reports from Tom

Boy healed from brain tumor at a distance and other testimonies

Greetings saints! Joyfully I share with you some more encouraging testimonies of healings wrought in Jesus’ name tonight in Tacoma, Washington at the weekly “Under The Bridge” homeless outreach!

Brother Thadeus and I went to give out gospel tracts, and minister healing to anyone who was willing to have us serve them. I rigged up a small sign on a pole with flashlights for nighttime visibility which read “FREE PRAYER FOR ILL-HEALTH AND PAINS.”

Then I stood in the midst of the homeless street people who were milling around waiting for the food to be served by other local church groups. Eventually four people came up to us asking for healing. (Many more just read the sign and couldn’t believe what they read, I think.)

A lady with a cast on her broken foot was healed and began walking without pain. She testified to onlookers that “it (our ministry) worked!”

A woman asked for ministry for her knee pain when she walked, and her cold-flu symptoms. After ministering authority to heal in Jesus’ Name she walked without pain, and her sinus cleared 100% breathing and pressure relieved. She was very thankful and her two companions were amazed!

Another man came limping up to us. He had 4 broken ribs on his right side, two damaged painful knees, and his hip was hurting him. As people watched, Thad and I first laid a hand on each knee, healed them (the man did deep knee bends!), then I laid my hand gently on his ribcage and commanded the bones to mend and pain to go…

They did, and he proved it to the onlookers by twisting his body back and forth pain free!! He was totally healed! (He later came near and gave me a big smile and a “thumbs up”…still healed!)

Finally, this testimony was given us tonight from a father, Dave, who had asked us to minister “long distance” for his son’s brain tumor last month at our first visit to the Bridge. The boy was at home as we exercised authority over the tumor with his dad from “under the bridge.”

Dave greeted us happily tonight and told us what happened after our ministry to heal his son’s tumor from a distance. He said he took his son to two different doctors, and neither doctor could find the brain tumor. Both doctors were confused and didn’t know what was going on! They couldn’t find the boy’s brain tumor!

God had healed Dave’s son who was at home many miles from “under the bridge” in Tacoma. Distance is no problem for Jesus’ authority and Name to heal and save from sin and sin’s curse!

We gave each “patient” gospel tracts and explained their need to repent and turn from sinning to obedient faith in Jesus. There were no arguments against our admonition to repent—they KNEW we were right!

Also, about forty other lost souls were given a gospel tract—the precious seed of God’s Word. The Kingdom of God came near Tacoma, Washington under the I-7 bridge!!