September 7, 2008 Sunday Celebration Service

Reports from Albert Kang

The sweet sound of worship greeted us as Grace and I arrived at the parking lot of the quiet neighbourhood of Botanic, Klang. After scaling two flights of steps, we entered the nicely decorated sanctuary. It was a joy to meet Pastor John Lim and his wife, Sister Sharon, again… after a hiatus of some 16 years. Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Pastor John was a lay leader helping in one of our branch churches in Johor Bahru. Today, he is an accomplished minister and Senior Pastor of a thriving church situated in the growing township of Botanic in Klang.

A couple of years ago, this church began in Pastor John’s home at Bayu Perdana. With less than ten people, the Church worked hard in winning souls and God gave much increase. People were saved and baptized. As the membership grew, the Church moved to a larger premises, which is a three-storey corner shop, that includes a worship sanctuary, class rooms, canteen and a Youth Centre.

Grace and I ministered in two services. In the first service, which was in English, Grace sang a solo. I preached about the authority and power to heal in the light of preaching the Gospel. After the sermon, I invited those who were not feeling well and had pain in their bodies to the front of the sanctuary. About 8 people with various ailments came forth to be healed. I then invited the rest of the believers to minister healing by giving them quick instruction on how to heal in the name of Jesus. The faith levels of these believers were initially subdued but most of the ailments were quite ordinary such as pain in various parts of the body. One of the more serious ailments was in the form of a cyst in a lady’s breast.

As expected, God was gracious to these believers who were ministering healing for the very first time. Pastor John helped by leading the congregation in a prayer of repentance. He did that in both services. The reason was because God would heal believers on the condition that they did not harbour sins in their lives. However, for non-believers, the healing would be unconditional. As Grace and I took turn to lead the believers in taking authority over the diseases, the healing process was activated. After the first command, everybody reported a marked improvement in his or her condition. A few testified that while hands were being laid upon the affected parts of their bodies, they felt a strange warmth like an electrical current that saturated them. The lady with the cyst said that she felt the tenderness of that area left her. She also said that the cyst had reduced in size but she would go for a medical check-up to confirm it. A man with back pain testified that he was totally healed. He kept turning his body to test the authenticity of the healing.

In the Chinese service, six people came forth for healing. Apparently the faith-levels among these Chinese-speaking believers were much higher – miracles happened much faster than in the previous service. A lady testified that the arthritic pain in her knees was totally healed. Another lady, who had a painful sciatic nerve-pull, mounted the stage and walked back and forth to show that her pain had faded away. Even Pastor John’s mother received divine healing. She testified that her nagging headache was gone and she had been healed by the power of God. A few more others testified of the healing of shoulder pain, back pain and other afflictions.

We thank God that once again, the God-given authority to heal was activated and the members at Botanic Family Church are now convinced that they also have the authority to heal, while preaching the Gospel. After the services, Pastor John said that in the near future, he would like us to return to provide a more thorough training of the Elijah Challenge to his members.





Report filed by:

Pastor Albert Kang
Elijah Challenge Asia