In November 2016 we were in India on a mission trip, hosted very ably by our Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa. We started out training God’s servants and disciples at a large church in the region of Sambalpur how to preach the gospel as Jesus did and as he taught and commanded his disciples in Luke 10:9.

Heal the sick who are there and tell them, “the kingdom of God has come near to you.’ “

Boy mostly deaf and mute from birth hears and speaks

Feeding Event in Sundagarh

Our mission team included Dr. Margit (a physician), Deborah, Jodi, Lucas (an Iraq veteran) and his wife Ashley. We went to a small mostly unreached village in the area of Sundagarh where we preached the gospel after which our team members healed the sick as evidence that Jesus Christ is in fact the Son of God and the only way to the One True God. Many villagers were healed (see Lucas’ report below) including one elderly man with cloudy eyes who was practically blind. After Lucas laid hands on him twice, the cloudiness miraculously disappeared and he could see clearly. After hearing the testimonies demonstrating the truth of the gospel, every villager at the event then accepted Jesus Christ as their only Lord and Savior.

Miraculous healings witnessed & compiled by Lucas and Ashley

  • 10 headaches healed
  • 1 healed from chronic dizziness and mental fog
  • 1 fully blind person could see again 
  • 1 person with one blind eye was healed
  • 4 people with blurred and bad vision could see clearly
  • 1 healed from double vision
  • 1 totally deaf person could hear again
  • 5 healed from bad hearing and hearing loss
  • 1 tumor disappeared
  • 20 (around 20) healed of chronic back, leg, arthritis, and joint pain
  • 1 person healed of genital problems
  • 2 healed from partial paralysis in arms
  • 1 person healed from thumbs locked in place (paralysis in thumbs)
  • 1 healed from asthma with constant nasal drain
  • 1 young woman fell to the ground and saw Jesus
  • 1 person fell to the ground and felt electricity in their body
  • 1 woman fell to the ground and saw a white cloud come over her
  • 1 healed of heart pain and murmur
  • Approximately 12 more healed of knee, back, stomach, breast, head, and body pain
  • Many delivered from demons…


Team member Jodi ministering healing
Below: Ashley and friends

Lucas also wrote: “Our trip to India was very short (10 days), but very fruitful! We helped train about 600 disciples in Sambalpur, Odisha, India. We trained them to use power, authority, and faith to heal the sick and cast out demons! We seen many miracles during this training. People were healed of all kinds of sickness, pain, and were delivered from demons. We seen about 50 or 60 people healed here, too many to count or of which to give an account.”

Lucas teaches Elijah Challenge with power back home in the US

Then a “medical” clinic in another village

A few days later Margit, Deborah and Jodi went to a large unreached village where they conducted a “medical” clinic. They were swarmed by Hindu villagers who came to seek healing for their physical infirmities. Over the first two days of the clinic they ministered to many people. Many of them were powerfully healed in the name of Jesus Christ just as recorded in the gospels and Acts through the ministry of the early disciples of Jesus.

In particular nearly every person who was blind or suffering from loss of eyesight was miraculously healed. Great joy overflowed from their hearts and through their smiles as they discovered they were suddenly able to see clearly. 

​A Hindu priest—also the village chief—came along with his wife both needing physical healing. They also were miraculously healed by the Lord as Jodi and Deborah laid hands on them. Afterwards the Hindu priest took the sisters aside and whispered, “I know that it was Jesus who healed me. I will come to church on Sunday.”


Hindu priest & chief of village (center) along with wife at left

Not only is this village now very open for the gospel, surrounding villages will also be reached by the servant of God we will send to minister in that region.


​Fetching water from the village well

Water buffaloes lounging in the village

A couple of days later the three American sisters entered another unreached village not specifically to conduct a medical clinic or to feed the poor, but simply to heal the sick as Jesus commanded his disciples. Click below to see what the Lord did through them…

Margit, Deborah & Jodi open up Hindu village for the gospel on brief visit