New believer healed and saved at this 2017 event plants 4 house churches in one year

“Before I left to go to India I kept having dreams of going to prison. I had about 10 of them, so I was really starting to wonder if God was warning me that I was going to go to jail. When I got there I heard that the Hindu extremists were really persecuting Christians and had actually beaten and arrested one of the pastors I had trained for, just for praying for non-believers.

Despite that, I went ahead and did the meeting. There were 100 political and social leaders there and a group of Hindu extremists. I was told afterwards, that they were planning on attacking us. There were only 1500 people for the first meeting, but there were more than 10,000 people outside the stadium close by.



The loud speakers we were using could be heard a long ways past the stadium. I preached the gospel and told them the story of creation and Jesus. I told them Jesus was real and He would confirm it by healing them. So, I had them raise their hands in the sky and ask Jesus to heal them and then commanded them and all those listening outside of the stadium to be healed. Then I had many of them come up to testify their healing.


People testifying of their miraculous healing from the stage

I estimate about 300 or more got healed in the stadium.

Then I had all the demonized people come close to the stage and commanded the demons to leave. About 40 to 50 of them were manifesting demons. Many of them were delivered right away and then some later and then came up to testify.

Then I asked everyone who now believes that Jesus is real. All of them raised their hands. Only about 15 to 20 people there were actual believers. Then I had them repeat the prayer of salvation and repent for their sins. I asked who in the crowd felt the love and peace from God after they said it. Almost every single hand went up. The Hindu extremists were among those with their hands raised, so they all ended up getting saved and did not attack us.


The really awesome thing about this meeting was that 14 different news stations were recording it all and then did interviews with the political leaders at the end and gave all glory to God. All of the political people got saved by the way, which was prophesied before I left. The next day we saw some of the news articles and videos. They were stating the facts of the meeting. The headlines said things like “people were healed in the name of Jesus” and “the words Jesus heals echos through the air.” The political leaders say this will reach millions of people.


AA’s event made the news

That next night a local prophet had a dream of me and 3 others being beaten and thrown in prison. I would lose my visa and would never be allowed to come back to India again. I only told my coordinator about the dreams I had and he didn’t tell anyone. The prophet begged me not to go because she knew it was from God. I took it as confirmation from God, so I had one of the pastors I trained on healing go in my place. We left and went to another city.

We heard the next day that there were police everywhere and there was a mob of Hindu extremists all looking for me. But even more people showed up the next day. Many more were healed and saved. We think 3500 were saved who raised their hands, but to be conservative we are saying 2500. I am sure many more were healed and saved outside of the stadium and millions of seeds planted because of the news.

Some of the healings were severe arthritis, deaf in one ear and other pain, back pain, mental issues, nerve damage, and many more. One lady was “mad” as they said. She would take off her clothes and run through the street screaming. She was like this for about 8 years. She manifested a demon very violently, but was delivered. 

Amit and I will be doing a TV and radio commercial for northern India. I am told that there isn’t anything like it in North India, so it is a really great opportunity to reach the people up there, especially after what God did with the news. Amit will be talking about different things about Jesus and then at the end I will be commanding people to be healed in Jesus’ name. We are going to have me do the healing part because for whatever reason people have more faith in foreigners, so more will get healed.

This will reach millions of people. It will air twice per day for about two minutes each and will be on multiple channels and I think only one radio station. Not 100% sure on that yet.”

Report submitted by Iraq veteran AA (onewaymin.com/blogwho in 2016 trained first with Shelly Ragen and then with The Elijah Challenge