The Elijah Challenge in India

With Simon Haqq



God blessed us with another fruitful Feeding Event where we are experienced revival in a Methodist Church. Because of the rainy season they inquired about us and the Bihar Methodist Church in Mothihari opened their doors for a Feeding Event. In spite of the rain the church was nearly packed with people. There were about 20 people from a non-Christian background. I preached on the new birth, and to my surprise 150 people from the church gave their lives to the Lord.

After the meeting the pastor announced that there would be another meeting the following day. The next day another 100-plus gave their lives to the Lord. To my surprise none of them had had a born again experience. At the end of the evening the pastor invited me to preach on Sunday morning. Another 25 people gave their lives to the Lord at the Sunday morning service..



During lunch our Bihar coordinator informed us that we had been invited to conduct a revival meeting in another city for two days with all expenses to be paid by the Methodist church. I agreed as I knew that this was an opening for revival in the Methodist church.

When we reached the city I found that the area surrounding the church was 4 feet in water and there was no way anyone could reach the church. God gave someone the brilliant idea of making a bridge out of tables. And so the church was packed with people. Over 300 people gave their lives to the Lord. None of these people had had a born again experience. Though the Lord healed many sick people miraculously, seeing so many being born again touched my heart deeply.

There was a young lady 22 years old. Somebody misused her profile and photo on the Facebook, and she was very disturbed. She fell so deeply into depression that she planned to commit suicide. As she was standing by her front gate someone gave her a flyer about our meeting, and she had a change of mind. She decided to attend our meeting and after that end her life.

After hearing the gospel she came forward for the altar call. As she came forward the power of God touched her. She was down on the floor weeping and heard the Lord say to her, “you are my precious daughter.” Then she came forward and told me that now she wanted to live for Jesus.

October 2014