Bhim Colony Ali is near New Delhi

Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India

Pastor Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Centre in New Delhi wrote:

“We are thankful for your prayers as it was difficult for us to hold a Feeding Event due to local opposition. God gave us favour in the sight of the a local political leader who was very pleased to hear what we were doing. Had it not been a Feeding Event we would have been denied entry into the village. Close to 370 people attended the Feeding Event and approximately 275 people raised their hands to make a first time commitment to follow Christ.

Many were healed and delivered of their infirmities as Elijah Challenge leaders laid their hands upon the sick.”

Above & below: Bhim Colony Ali Village

Above & below: Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel

Above & below: Bhim Colony villagers receive Jesus Christ

Pastor Joshua prays for The Elijah Challenge-trained believers before they heal the sick

Laying hands on the sick in Jesus’ name

Ram Dev had been feverish for 3 days but was healed

Above & below: The Feeding Event