African believers heal the sick in Washington DC Healing Encounter

Bishop Darlington Johnson and Bethel World Outreach Church, with over 200 churches in 20 countries, hosted our Healing Encounter in the Washington, DC area. Hundreds of believers, many originally from Africa, attended the four-day Healing Encounter and learned how to minister healing to the sick in Christ’s name to prove to the world that Jesus is indeed the Son of God.


Believers worship at Healing Encounter


Believers minister healing to the infirm

At the meetings, as the believers applied what they had just learned, God used them to heal the sick in the name of Jesus. Several infirm people were healed, including Meniere’s disease (loss of hearing and extreme dizziness), depression, and severely impaired eyesight.


Katrina is healed from Meniere’s Disease


Set free from depression


Eye can see clearly now

According to Bishop Johnson, his church was helped in a significant way. Only God knows what He can now do through this already very fruitful and powerful church as they use this new tool to preach the gospel throughout the world!


“Thank you again for the life changing teaching from the time you spent at Bethel in Washington…. God bless and the bone from my daughter’s broken knee, which I prayed over and then commanded healing for last Sunday, is back in place, hum… God is so wonderful!!!”

—Marilyn D. Dimas, Esq.

“Brother, your recent visit to Bethel church was a blessing, I am a newcomer at Bethel and I must say that have increase my believe in Christ JESUS MY SAVIOUR. I was raised as catholic but Bethel and your teaching have clear my mind. I now believe that the CHRIST DIE FOR ME and my primary duty as Christian is win the souls…”
—Boniface Titi Kobea