By Sister S. L. in San Diego

February 2014

“I’m ready to share my earthquake moment with you.

Last Sunday Feb 23 after the Chinese New Year banquet I went home. I washed a few dishes in the kitchen and I had the excruciating pain on my right lower back. I did what you told me to do – I placed my hand on the painful area and commanded my backbone “by the power of Jesus Christ, move back and no more pain.”

I finished the dishes and walked away from the sink. It was about the third step – I felt the bones in my lower back MOVE. I was able to straightened out my lower back instantly. Since then I have not had the same excruciating pain. I still have mild ache and discomfort, but I’m 95% better and I can feel that my spine alignment is different. I want to make sure that this is not my imagination before I share my miracle healing story.

On Friday, February 28 I shared my story with my boss and he said that he did notice something different about me this past week. My gait and walk is straighter. PTL!”