Reports: The Elijah Challenge in India


Bejholi Kavinaagar Apur is in Uttar Pradesh

“The harvest is plentiful”

Bejholi Village

Director Joshua Gowda of The Elijah Challenge Training Center wrote:

“At Bejholi Kavinaagar Apur Road, Uttar Pradesh, we conducted our Feeding Event on April 19th. This was a very successful Feeding Event. Three hundred and fifty-three people attended the Gospel meeting. Close to 230 people made a first-time commitment to Jesus Christ. Miracles and healings took place. Praise God—one more village won for God!

And this month we gave water baptism to 114 people. Many more people are ready to receive water baptism.”

Above: Pastor Simon Haqq preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ

Above: & below: Commitments to Jesus Christ

Above: Oldest man in the village gave his life to Christ at the age of 105

Below: Because of this one man, many elderly people were ready to give their lives to Jesus

Above & below: Elijah Challenge-trained local leaders healing the sick

Laying hands on the infirm in Jesus’ name

Below: Serving the villagers at the Feeding Event

Below: Baptized for the forgiveness of sins

Pastor Simon Haqq & Pastor Joshua Gowda, Director of The Elijah Challenge Training Centre, New Delhi

Left: Elijah Challenge-trained local pastor Brother Mukarjy