August 2018 Elijah Challenge Workers’ Meeting in Orissa

“As I had informed you earlier, everywhere in Orissa there has been severe rainfall and massive flooding. Because we had scheduled our monthly worker’s meeting at that time, I was very concerned.

Despite the heavy clouds overhead threatening to cancel our meeting, thank God there was not even a single drop of rain for the two days of our meeting. All our servants of God experienced His supernatural protection, and praised the Him for such a great miracle. Praise the Lord.

Most of our Elijah Challenge workers and servants of God were able to attend in spite of road closures, cancelled trains, and collapsed bridges. This clearly indicated that they were very interested in participating in our monthly workers’ meeting and for the ministry.

We had a very exciting time of sharing testimonies and reports, teaching from Scripture, and intercessory prayer for the entire ministry of The Elijah Challenge.

All the glory to God for His marvelous deeds.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator for Orissa
August 2018