“We had another very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training Event in a place called Nuagaon located in the District of Kandhamal. It was such a great blessing for me to teach the servants of God from various denominations in a one place. The Lord is good to us.

There were in attendance over one hundred pastors and evangelists, including a few church members. This training was so very effective according to the feedback I received from the delegates, especially from the district-level senior leader of a Baptist Church whose name was Sunil. After the training our host gave the floor to this Baptist leader who said, “I have attended seminars and various training programs, but after attending this Training I felt this is different from any other seminar or training.”



After that he asked all the delegates to pray for me.  Praise the holy name of our Lord for the great impact of the Training on those servants of God for proclaiming the kingdom of God to those gospel-resistant peoples who never heard the gospel. Thank you for this precious teaching. Please continue to pray for me so that I may teach the servants of God even more effectively for increasingly fruitful ministry for the gospel of the kingdom of God.

Testimonies of miraculous healing during the Training

A sister named Kalyani (below) was not able to raise her left arm due to some problem which caused pain in one side of her body. We the servants of God ministered to her in Jesus’ name. She was healed instantly and she could lift up her arm, free from all pain.



Kusum (below) had pain from her waist to the lower part of her body. She also suffered from pain in both knees for a long time due to diabetes and arthritis. When she walked she would experience pain in both legs. She came to the Training in pain, but praise the Lord after we ministered to her she was healed, free from the pain.



An elderly woman named Chnadra (below) had burning and pain in her entire body.  She was very weak physically. Though she had been to a doctor and taken much medicine as prescribed, she continued to suffer a lot. But the Lord healed her right there. The pain and burning disappeared from her body.



A gentleman named Babuna had a problem with his fingers. He could not move them freely, as if they were paralyzed. They were very stiff, remaining straight and inflexible. And so he had a problem with routine everyday tasks.  But the Lord touched his fingers when we ministered to him. With tears he testified that he could move his fingers.

An older man named Jatindra who was a church elder had a problem with his leg for a long time. He had severe pain in his knee and joint due partially to rheumatism. So he was unable either to walk normally or to stand for a long time. He had been to the hospital and taken several medicines for pain. Still he was not able to walk properly. Because of this when he sat down somewhere he would not get up for a long time. So he had a problem coming forward to be ministered to, but eventually at the end he came forward and we ministered to him. He was healed instantly in Jesus’ name from his long-term disease.



There were heavy clouds early in the very morning on the days we had scheduled to have The Elijah Challenge Training. Our convener/host was quite worried about the rain and thunder. But he remembered what he had been taught in the Training. He went outside and rebuked the bad weather, commanding the rain to stay away.  Praise the Lord during the Training there was no rain at all, but instead good weather. He was so encouraged.

This morning I received the following report from a servant of God who was ministering to someone in the hospital. A 25-year-old woman had such seriously high blood pressure that she was not able to open her eyes, to walk or even talk. Our trained servants of God went to the hospital last night and ministered to her there. Praise the Lord she was healed. Her blood pressure went down to normal and she was able to go home.”


Reports from Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India