Hands, arthritis, female problem, mass healing, deafness

“Last Friday morning Pastor Peter Pinon of El Shaddai Assembly of God in Katy called me, asking me to minister that evening to his congregation at a special night of prayer. Lucille and I went and taught them about the authority that God has given His saints to heal the sick for the preaching of the gospel. They are a Spanish-speaking congregation. Let me say that the power we saw unleashed through the believers that evening is what we usually witness only on the “mission field.” The Holy Spirit had already prepared the people, and it only took a slight nudge from us to get them moving.

After teaching them the word, I asked for people with pain in their hands to come forward for healing. I ministered to the first one, a sister. Her hand, which was painful for her to open up, was immediately healed in the name of Jesus. Then I went to the next person, and found that her arm was already healed. When I questioned the third person, a young man, his hand was also healed. All three had been healed simultaneously in the name of Jesus!

There was present near the front an elderly woman with severe arthritis in her legs and could walk with great difficulty only with the help of a walker. Seeing the Holy Spirit move, sisters on each side of her lifted her up from the pew and helped her to the front for her healing. Instead of ministering to her myself, I instructed the two sisters to lay their hands on her legs in the name of Jesus. Afterwards I took her by her hand and pulled her forward to walk. She began to walk slowly without a limp. After several steps I let go of her hand. She continued on by herself, walking across the front of the sanctuary! She turned and walked back to her seat on her own power, covering her wizened face with her hands as tears rolled down her cheeks in gratitude at what the Lord had done for her. The congregation exploded with praise to the Lord.

Others came forward for healing, and I asked for believers to come up to minister healing to them. As they laid their hands on the infirm, healings took place. At the end of the meeting, I called a brother, who was a fervent soul-winner, to come forward to minister mass healing to another group of infirm people. As he commanded their healing in Christ’s name, the Lord healed most if not all of them simultaneously. One sister who could not say that she was healed of a female problem went to the restroom to check. There she discovered that the problem had disappeared!

On Sunday, I taught the believers how to minister healing as an accompaniment to the gospel, just as the early disciples had done (Luke 9:1-2, Luke 10:1,9,17). Afterwards a woman who had been deaf in her left ear for fifty years came forward for healing. I asked one of the sisters in the church to minister to her. Just like Jesus, she put her finger into the deaf ear, commanded the spirit of deafness to go, and the ear to open in Jesus’ name. As the sister ministered to her, the woman’s hearing was gradually restored—she cried and gave thanks unto the Lord as she began to hear for the first time in fifty years!

In the days following that weekend, Pastor Peter reported that his people were “going wild” preaching the gospel and healing the sick. As a district supervisor for the Assemblies of God, he sent some of his people to another church to minister, and there Jesus was exalted as they ministered miraculous healings in His name!”