A December 2023 posting by Dr. Henry Ng on WhatsApp

As 2023 comes to an end, my heart is grateful for The Elijah Challenge.

Consider this. For the majority of church goers, they will spend their entire lives, asking God for health, wealth, success, spiritual power and all kinds of blessings.

However, though God can grant all the desires of your heart, the opposite is true.

God would rather that we obey the second greatest commandment – that we would love others as we love ourselves.

Fundamentally I’m grateful for Elijah Challenge, because I see this vital ministry waking up and transforming the body of Christ and individuals.

The devil would love us to stay in the comfort zone of the church with our me, me, mine, mine attitude but the moment we go out from the church fulfilling the ‘Great commission ‘, we are a threat to him.

Through this ministry, after 3 years, I see breakthroughs in the lives of men and women who opted to pursue the teaching of Elijah Challenge and to put it into practice.

Here is a typical testimony of Sister Khim from Elijah Challenge Penang.

“Dear all, this afternoon Poh Leng & myself went to Pg GH to minister to an elderly lady in her 80+ (under the invitation of her daughter) who recently a hip replacement due to a fall & is in pain. We shared the good news (using Bro Jonas’s script) and she then agreed to accept Lord Jesus as her Saviour.  Poh Leng lead her in the sinner’s prayer.  After that we took turns to command healing & pray for her as well.  Within mins, her countenance changed and she was smiling as she was filled with joy, love & peace.  All glory to Jesus for her salvation🙌🏼.  We affirmed her that the fact that she had children who loved and care for her is indeed a blessing from God. She started smiling again.  We hugged her and said our goodbyes.  As we left, we were also filled with joy that she is now a princess to our Abba Father.  All Glory to Jesus🙌🏼.”

I notice that those who stay at the fringe, soon lose interest and drop out.

As we practice and practice Elijah Challenge principles, soon it becomes a ‘life style’. I was at the changing room of my golf club just now and saw my friend all wet from the pool.

“Did you play golf?” I asked him. “No, I injured my knee, bowling, 8 months ago and now it hurts.”

“Do you mind if I pray for healing of your knees?”

In five minutes, both knees were totally healed and I told him that he is totally healed and can golf tomorrow.

Before joining Elijah Challenge, I was never like that. For me now, joint aches are tiny hills that I would cheekily call, ‘Money back guarantee’ healing. Fear is replaced by Faith and Boldness.

We are a team, the Bible encourages us to gather together physically. When we fellowship together, the fire grows even stronger. Iron will sharpen iron and there’s much to learn from each other because we have different strengths.

I was viciously attacked spiritually a few days ago. Sister Fragrance called me out of the blues and gave me a breakthrough key from God that helped me to overcome the enemy.

We need each other. Elijah Challenge is the end time army of God. So together we will heal the sick, set captives free, proclaim the Gospel, save the lost and disciple the nations.

Arise and shine for Jesus.



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