Arjae first trained by viewing the Training videos online. Later he attended Basic Training I and Basic Training II in October 2010. | More reports from Arjae

16 of 25 people healed at event in Beaumont, Texas

Just days after attending Basic Training II, RJ conducts event where many are healed

“Just to give you a praise report. God is so good. I didn’t have many in my service because it was a conference so I had a afternoon crowd of 25 people. After I ministered to those with infirmities using authority, we had total of 16 healings.

I don’t know what happened, but God showed Himself mighty in our midst. Two women were healed of partial blindness; backs, high blood pressure, and kidney pain were healed. A man had back pain because one leg was shorter than the other. Jesus grew out the shorter leg. Emotions were healed. One woman with a growth in her neck was healed. I said to check themselves and they testified they were healed. Praise God for the display of his glory! Five people rededicated their lives back to the Lord.”

Woman with heart condition touched by God

Report received from RJ on the same day Arjae returned to Atlanta from Basic Training II in Texas

“I just want to thank you again for the Training. It has been life-changing. You and your wife are a blessing to me, and I will forever be grateful. Just to give a praise report…at the church where I serve as worship leader, one of the singers has been suffering with heart problems. She had had open heart surgery. Well, the wires in her pacemaker have been going haywire and she has been feeling bad. So today I ministered to her with authority. All of sudden something began to happen. The swelling went out through her hands and she said she felt like somebody put his finger in her chest. She feels God has healed her! Praise God we give him all the glory. I didn’t waste any time—I stepped out by faith and God did the miracle.”

Report from Arjae after he viewed the Training videos online

“I have been stepping out by faith just to name a few. I was at the train station and a young lady had back pain I prayed for he right on the train and Jesus healed her she couldn’t believe it”” and I prayed for a frienf on the phone who had bad head aches and I prayed 3 times commanding the pain 2 leave and it left ..praise God and another friend on the phone had stomach pain I prayed and she felt a burning sensation in her stomach thank u Jesus… and but last I meet a young man that was deaf..and I prayed but the ear did not come open I felt so bad …but I’m not going to stop.”