— Teachings from Scripture you’ve never heard —

Season 4 of our weekly Saturday Gathering for RADICAL DISCIPLES will begin on Saturday, July 1, 2023. This seven-month weekly event begins 9 AM Central Standard Time in the USA every Saturday. 

Following the one-hour radical teaching — which is based strictly on Scripture and not on our traditions — we will share narrations from our missionary thriller Dancing on the Edge of the Earth which is based on our nine years of missionary adventures in Indonesian Borneo from 1978-1987. 

A TV Series called “The Challenge” is currently being produced based on Dancing on the Edge of the Earth

After the teaching there will be an optional time of fellowship and ministry to those who are in need of physical healing.

Topics to be covered in Season 4 beginning on Saturday, July 1 include:

  • The story of how we left EVERYTHING IN AMERICA in 1978 to preach the gospel in the jungles of Indonesia Borneo
  • MAXIMIZING your ETERNAL REWARD in the Next Age
  • The Baptism of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
  • The “theology of helplessness and weakness” prevailing in the Church today
  • The RADICAL GRACE which is available to every disciple
  • “Be PERFECT as your Father in heaven is PERFECT
  • STARTLING revelations from the Parables you’ve never heard
  • What did Jesus mean by “you are like a branch that is throw away”?
  • The VERY SOBERING messages of our Lord Jesus to the churches in Revelation
  • What is the “teaching of the Nicolaitans which Jesus HATES?
  • Who are the false christs and false prophets of Matthew 24?
  • Misunderstanding and misuse of the anointing” in the Church today

All are welcome to these free weekly teachings to begin Saturday, July 1!

Zoom link:

Meeting ID: 870 4703 1685   Passcode: 823029




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