The Elijah Challenge in Australia

“We had our April Whitmore Square outreach yesterday. It went very well. Each meeting is better than the previous one. There was one confirmed healing with testimony from an aboriginal sister with a very painful shoulder—obviously a deep seated infirmity. We (Richard and I) had to minister to her three times till the healing was complete. She was so happy and willingly took hold of the microphone and testified to the crowd.

I took the message again. It is a busy time, getting things organized at the square each night, but each time it gets a little easier. The message was accepted very well. We have amplification now, and that was excellent so everyone could clearly hear every word. I read John 10:7-18, then Isaiah 53: 5-12, and then John 19:17-30 with the message of Jesus’ resurrection to follow.

Each time we review what we can do better to ensure that God is glorified and hearts are changed, with the gospel event only as an extra but not the main focus. It would be true to say for Richard and myself that we are excited about this ministry as it is basic, straight from the Word and powerful.”