By Peter Pap of Modern Jesus Army in Northampton, England

September 2013

The Elijah Challenge trained the leaders of Modern Jesus Army in December 2011

I have a friend, who came with us on the YNOT Festival healing team, whom I will call Melissa. She is a trans-gender sister, who has a painful past story to tell. She used to be a married man with a family, but after a big trauma, complete marriage breakdown and major identity crisis, he went through the trans-gender hormone programme and surgical operations and therefore became “biologically” a woman. (Of course this did not change his soul, but by the time he realized this it was done and irreversible). So she became “Melissa”, known to outer society as a lady. A very lonely lady. As a last straw of the disasters, her only friend, her dog died by drowning in a fast river in front of her eyes.

But about a year ago she has found Jesus in a powerful and very real way and became part of our Leicester branch. Ever since she has been on fire to serve the Lord and healing has been an area she is certainly very keen on. Ever since her first time with us at the YNOT she keeps going to places, healing people and sharing the gospel. Melissa is a real joyful and enjoyable character, and became a close friend to several of us. I asked her to write a brief report of her latest actions. So here it is:


Good Morning Pete,

As promised a brief summary of the events a week ago last Saturday. 

The last three or four years I’ve attended Leicester Pride (a gay pride public parade) because I used to sing in a gay choir and quite a number of people I know are gay.  I felt that the event would be perfect to demonstrate healing in Jesus’s name.

We had a team of nine people and prior to leaving Springfield we prayed for no oppression and that people would be receptive. We also did some “treasure hunting” and were given some wisdom pictures. 

I felt very apprehensive as we neared the event, there was loud throbbing music and I seriously wondered if this might prove to be a big mistake. We set up camp near one of the main entrances. We laid out blankets on the floor and had Free Healing signs that were visible. We did not wear any obvious Jesus Army gear. The plan was that some of us would mingle in the crowds with Healing signs and the majority would stay at the base.

The first person that we offered Healing too, was not a success and we wondered why? However the remainder of the day was amazing. We were there from 1:30pm through to 5:00pm and at times all of us were busy either individually or as pairs. I took it on myself to mingle and spent all afternoon wandering through the crowds with a Free Healing sign.

Lots of good and positive healings. Backs, legs, toothaches, headaches, anxieties etc etc. Loads of good conversations and people very open to what we offered. It was so good that I went back after tea for another hour and spoke to another 10 or so people, one lady was in a wheelchair having had a ligament operation that was still painful and not healing properly. I commanded Healing and she said the pain disappeared and the leg felt different. Her friend then asked for healing. Her vertebrae were all out of alignment and she was in constant pain. I ministered healing in Jesus name and she said her back felt amazing. As I walked away she was in deep conversation with her friend.

God was really in evidence. So much so that I am attending Derby Pride on Saturday with an agenda to heal.

Kind regards, Melissa